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    Something wrong with regulator?

    So, I might have the same / similar problem. Old bottle - no probs. New bottle - if I try to purge a keg, the regulator pressure immediately goes to zero and there is nothing coming out of the keg. However, release the PRV and the regulator slowly "regains" pressure (ie. goes back to 14 psi)...
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    Zero minute hop additions - Effect on overall IBU's

    Isn't it true that dry hopping actually can increase the bitterness - I thought I read this on AHB. I have been doing some big dry hops which are mouthwateringly hoppy for a week or so. However, if I don't finish it in a couple of weeks, they seem to be getting less aromatic and fruity, and...
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    Guten whirlpool arm on brewzilla?

    Guten whirlpool arm fits and works perfectly on Robobrew 3 with internal pump. I get adequate trub cone and pump out to fermenter. No difficulties with blockages.
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    Wet hops for dry hopping

    thanks for the advice
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    Wet hops for dry hopping

    i dropped 270g of fresh / wet hops in my fermenter (fermentasaurus). They all floated on top. I sterilised a spoon and stirred them in - still half on top. It almost seems a waste and there is not enough contact between the wort / beer and hops. What do others do? Should I grind them up first...
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    New research on dry yeast

    MHB (and others) - having read the Tips and Tricks - i don't understand why we need to re-hydrate outside the fermentation vessel as it says to rehydrate between 25 and 29 degrees. What is the difference in pitching in the fermenter at that temperature (thus "re-hydrating") versus wort in a...
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    Robobrew blue screen of death

    Keg king quoted $120 to fit a replacement second hand board - they don't have new ones, i was told.
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    Robobrew V3 vs Guten

    Bought the Robobrew Gen 3 - someone had to. Wouldn’t turn on. Kegland came to the party and sent me a replacement board — no questions asked. The quality is better than the Gen 2. However, the pump return arm is at an odd angle - quality control issue, but no impact on function. Brewed a 5.5...
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    Keg king are getting the whirlpool arms in about a month.
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    https://www.angelhomebrew.co.uk/en/brew-devil/372-brew-devil-30l-whirlpool-arm.html So this suggests the guten pump can be used for whirlpooling (and therefore chilling)?
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    Robobrew V3 vs Guten

    WEAL - Does your upgrade involve PID on the Robobrew V2?
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    Colonial Pale Ale

    Ditto. What are the hops?
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    Robobrew V3 vs Guten

    What about the not using the pump on the guten after the boil? If the pump is better quality than the robobrew, why can’t you use it to pump out the wort fermenter? I’ve never had a problem with the robobrew version 2 during chilling (with immersion chiller) nor into the fermenter. Also I’ve...
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    (Unintentional) Juicy NEIPA

    foolishly, I changed two processes with my latest brew: First time FWH First time small dry hop with the addition of the wort to the fermentasaurus plus usual dry hop at five days. Don’t ever use any fining agents, but always surprised how bright they are - even my current Pilsner. Now I...
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    Robobrew V3 vs Guten

    so WEAL teased a R3 v Guten thread - here it is I’ve been using Robobrew V2 for eighteen months. Very happy overall. Two recent issues have caused me to start the dreaded process of should I or shouldn’t I. The rocker switch is loose, but still functional. The + temp button died a couple of...
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    Growing Hops In The Hunter Valley

    Cascade took off first year in ground and pots in Newcastle. Had crowns from Sydney and rhizome from hunter valley. Looking to add to my garden with other varieties... can’t wait.
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    Can't send messages

    I have only posted a few times but lurking for a while. I want to pm Belgrave brewer regarding his rhizomes. Any chance I can be approved for private messaging?
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    Fermenting Under Pressure at "regular" temps

    Yuz- what temp are you fermenting at?