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    locked out of some threads?

    Those must be threads in a club. The most used one is the IBU, @Cortez The Killer is the lead on that club.
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    Finding My Posts

    Click on your member name in the upper right corner. The User Control Panel will show. Look for Your Content.
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    AHB App - Gone

    We would have liked to give a heads up, but if we had waited and done that for 24 to 48 hours, the possible security issue may have been used. Then everyone would have been bummed out. 1. The post about it being taken down should have shown in the Yesterday's Forum Activity email and shown on...
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    Post-update UI issues

    Great, glad you made it back.
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    Is there anybody out there?

    The first few posts are reviewed before showing. You are past that criteria.
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    Post-update UI issues

    How did you post this if you were not logged in? And have you tried clearing cookies on the Edge? Also try Chrome and/or Firefox and see if it works there.
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    Is there anybody out there?

    You cannot delete your threads. And there are some folks here, I would suggest looking at the New Posts feature and you'll see where the action is on the site.
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    Post-update UI issues

    I have just gone into your account and set the preferences to not see ads. Any member can do this by clicking on your member name in the upper right hand corner of page. That opens your User Control Panel. Look for Preferences, and click on that. Once open, go down the list and set ads...
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    AHB App - Gone

    To make a direct link icon on your phone. One click and you're on the site. For those on an android phone. 1. Go to Chrome mobile browser. 2. Type in the forum name and pull it up. 3. Log in. 4. Look at top of forum page on right for 3 vertical dots For iPhone, click the icon on the bottom of...
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    Post-update UI issues

    I changed it to 15 for the right sidebar.
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    Unable to login on Firefox

    There was a site upgrade. And seems that cookies need to be cleared for the forum so the new can information can take hold. After a couple of days everything seems to settle down.
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    AHB App - Gone

    Clear cookies for this forum. Refresh screen, try logging in again.
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    AHB App - gone.

    Due to concerns about security and privacy from the company that created the app we think it’s an absolute necessity to cease using it immediately.
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    www.aussiehomebrewer.com/account/upgrades. Once done go to your User control panel and under Preferences you will find a way to turn off ads.
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    Clubs/Private forums

    Contact Cortez The Killer for the IBU club forum. That is where that thread is.
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    Clubs/Private forums

    Are you looking for the contact for a specific club? If you ask, you probably will be told whom to contact. And members of the clubs get those emails also, and can click on them. But, just ask whom to contact to get approval to be part of the club and either they will post, or I can...
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    No idea really....

    It is friendly, but your original post had not been visible until just now.
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    Hello All - It's Been About 5 Years

    I have returned your old name to you. Remember to use it when you log in. And welcome back.
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    Welcome back.
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    Keg King Warehouse Warming Giveaway for Australian Brewers.

    Thank you Keg King for celebrating your warehouse move by having this Giveaway!!!