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  1. Goose

    Dry hopping cylinder

    Anybody tried using one of these ? I thought I'd give it a try, since I tend to re-use my yeast cake and while effective, loose dry hopping makes an awful mess of it. While the volume of the cylinder can easily accommodate a decent dosage of hops (i aim for 4 g/litre) when I tried it I found...
  2. Goose

    citric vs lactic acid equivalence for mashwater pH adjustment

    Most water calculators out there only seem to facilitate the use of liquid acids for pH adjustment but I only have access to solid citric so looking for confirmation that my conversion is accurate. I have had a play with Brun water which i find a bit user unfriendly and if I am right it would...
  3. Goose

    Mill wear ?

    Any crankandstein owners out there ? I've got the 3 roller version but recently noticed I am having trouble getting the first "bite" that gets all 3 rollers cranking. Instead only the drive roller turns. After a bit of fiddling by manually turning the second roller or reversing the drill...
  4. Goose

    Huge beers

    I've not attempted a seriously big AG beer before hence a general question for the experts, when making big beers ie 8% and above, should I use DME instead of a ton of additional grains to get to target OG ? Reason I ask is that my efficiency tends to suffer as my target OG rises (at least in...
  5. Goose

    S-189 Pitching Rate

    I've been having issues using Mr Malty's calculator for dry yeast pitching rate which would suggest that I need 4 x 11.5g of yeast to pitch into a 44 l batch of 1.050 OG Lager wort. The first batch is always estery and riddled with off flavours, but the subsequent batches which are made from the...
  6. Goose

    Is there any hope ?

    Found this in the back of my fridge. According to most yeast calculators, this one is dead. However, just for a laugh, I pitched it into a 1 litre starter today. Do you think I have any hope ?
  7. Goose

    S-189 finally being rolled out in 11.5g packs

    Been waiting for this for a long time. Lets see how long it takes for retailers in our nether region to stock up...
  8. Goose

    Steam IPA ?

    This is not something I read too much about though would seem a logical extension to the common "Steam Beer" or "Steam Ale". Has anybody given it a try ? Wondering about head retention as my experience with steam beers is that head retention resembles a lager (ie seems less than an ale)...
  9. Goose

    Pilsner / Lager mash schedule

    As opposed to my usual single step mash I thought I'd give a staged mash schedule a go. Came across this in my searches : http://www.howtobrew.com/section4/chapter19-4.html which as we know is from the guru of all things homebrewed however the mash schedule looks like this: Rest...
  10. Goose


    I am sure alot of people here read up on the Brulosophy website and I am just curious what you think of their process experiments ? I've just glanced through the process variables they've analysed and amazed by the lack of statistically significant effect of most the variables they have looked...
  11. Goose

    dry hopping in a filter

    I am considering this unit to dry hop in my fermenter directly. In the past I have dry hopped simply by adding pellets into the fermenter 5 days before racking, but I am unable to use the yeast cake afterward because of the spent hop sludge. Therefore I am wondering if this device will allow me...
  12. Goose

    Red Ale - what do you think

    Howdy Tasted a red Ale by Thornbridge the other day and it ticked a lot of boxes and thought I'd give something similar a whirl but using more aromatic hops to try and give it a bit more nose. What you reckon on this recipe ? Amt Name Type # %/IBU...
  13. Goose

    Consistent problem with FIRST batch - Lager Yeast

    This problem really buggering me and appreciate some input. I've been making 5 litre starters from 2 x Wyeast smack packs (using 2042 Danish). I do this by adding 500g of DME with a 1/2 tsp of wyeast nutrient to a bit more than 5 litres of water and boiling for 10 minutes or so, cooling, then...
  14. Goose

    Liquid Post Gas Leak... how

    Have a minor gas leak on my liquid post, this after 5 minutes at 30 psi with soapy water, small, but enough to waste CO2... Changed head and o ring under liquid out tube seating. Any suggestions other than replacing the whole keg ?
  15. Goose

    Putting things in perspective

    Mindblowing video to put us in the perspective of things... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udAL48P5NJU&x-yt-cl=84359240&x-yt-ts=1421782837 Have you seen the largest picture ever taken? For the record, it's a mammoth 1.5 billion pixel image (69, 536 x 22, 230) and requires about 4.3 GB disk...
  16. Goose

    Bitterness aint bitterness sol.....

    Visited my local craft brewery last week and was chatting to the head brewer about hops in general... to cut to the chase I was a bit surprised when he told me that to bitter a beer with anything other that the lowest cost AA% by weight hop was a waste because at 60+ mins boiling everything...
  17. Goose

    Is my beer going to be fooked ?

    I tried a 5 litre yeast starter with 2 x one year old packs of Danish Lager which seemed to yield a healthy crop after 5 days. On brewday and ready to pitch, I cracked open the bottle and noticed a slight phenolic smell in the lid and airspace, but when tasting the liquid above the yeast I...
  18. Goose

    Attempt at Australian IPA Recipe

    Guys, trying to get an IPA together of real Aussie character, if there is such a thing. Going for around 60 IBU and 6.5% ABV with a serious aroma punch. How'd you reckon this would go ? Type: All Grain Batch Size: 45.00 l Boil Size: 53.88 l Boil Time: 60 min End of Boil Vol: 48.88 l Final...
  19. Goose

    That Homebrew taste..

    had this old off flavour taste experience rear its head in my most recent brew and I am trying to pinpoint the cause though my no 1 candidate is that I am using old grain... more than one year stored in the tropics. I'd not brewed for a year while shifting and building a new house and was not...
  20. Goose

    Beersmith Recalculation button

    I am giving this software a go on trial, but running into some frustrations on the interface. When I change something, ie "Tot Efficiency" there is no change to "Est Mash Efficiency" when I hit enter Or, if I change units from SI to Imperial or American, the recipe box units change but all...