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    Welcome New Moderators 2013

    There`s a new Lawman in town and by God all the recalitrant and disruptive pissants better savvy up or else !! {The Law scratches his arse and squints into the setting sun, his gunhand caressing the butt of a newly issued Colt .45.
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    What Australian beers are good examples of a certain hop?

    Nice to see you still around, Barry. You would be one of the few originals left on the site. Your posts are to few and far between.
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    Craft Beer ?

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    Pimp My TapKing

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    getting cut off - respect for bartenders

    That fucken Gary !! The life of the party. He`s a scream, isn`t he ? :beerbang:
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    Thoughts on DUI?

    how `bout when he got up and tried to go thru the front door? :lol:
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    Thoughts on DUI?

    It`s odd when you think about it......... if you drive home pissed and get caught, you`re a loser :( if you drive home pissed and make it....... you`re a fucking legend. :lol:
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    Why has Nick JD got the arse?

    Nick was not the first and certainly will not be the last to get the gate under Section 24,Clause [a] .
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    Beer stubbies

    Got about 3 dozen here all clean packed in a milk crate ready to use. PM me if you want them. No charge.
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    Why has Nick JD got the arse?

    I don`t get it. I just don`t get it ! Why doesn`t the person who banned him step up and say "I banned him and here`s why..." Talk about "the faceless men".
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    hey ya just wondering who comes here sober i know i do

    It means the OP was pissed at 2.39 am and playing up like a wounded jap.
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    hey ya just wondering who comes here sober i know i do

    I don`t care what anyone sez, Yasmani was the most entertaining and outragous poster to ever come on here. {till he went for a piss and a sniper got him} :(
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    Wheres Wolfy?

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    Do you smoke cigarettes?

    :lol: ha ha, very good BG. Act 1 Scene 1...... The bedroom. Barney to wife...."did you turn the stove off? Something`s on fire."
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    Do you smoke cigarettes?

    Barney across the road told me his wife has been trying for years to give up the smokes, tried all the usual patches, cold turkey and the rest. Apparently, her doctor was trying to establish a pattern that caused her desire to smoke and he asked her "Do you smoke after intercourse?" She told him...
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    No Topic Thread

    and here`s the new bloke
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    No Topic Thread

    We had this bloke for allmost 17 years, it was really traumatic to lose him. Built as square and solid as a brick shithouse Of course, we swore there would be no more dogs, but guess what`s asleep at my feet as I type this? Yes, another miniture fox terrier :)
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    Jan 2013 Upgrade Issue

    Thanks,I found the preview post is in the "more reply options" this is all to much for me on a Sunday morning. I`ll come back in a week
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    Jan 2013 Upgrade Issue

    just testing the quote function. The "preview post" option seems to have gone walkabout?
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    Not Really Chritmas Present