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  1. scrogster

    Article On Kegerators In Wired Magazine

    check these out: link. link.
  2. scrogster

    Hops Are Harvested

    My first season POR hops are now safely picked, dried and frozen: all 24g of them, maybe I'll do better next year. The vine still looks nice and leafy, What is the best way to proceed with it? Should I cut it down now, or wait until it dies back? I've also read somewhere that you can make new...
  3. scrogster

    Maltshovel Hop Thief

    I tried the new James Squire Hop Thief Ale last night. It's quite a drinkable beer, but don't be falling for the idea that it will be keep the hopheads amongst us happy. It's a little thin-bodied, and not particularly malty, with a medium-gold sort of colour. The bitterness is pretty low, and...
  4. scrogster

    Something Ate The End Off My Hop Vine!

    I got home from work this afternoon and checked on my POR hop vine's progress. Unfortunately, something has nibbled the growing tip off the single vine which is all that came up from the rhizome which I planted a couple of months ago. The vine is currently about a metre tall. Will the vine...
  5. scrogster

    Making Ag Beer In A Coffee Percolator

    percolator beer
  6. scrogster

    I Had Dinner With Chuck Hahn Last Night!

    I was lucky enough to be one of twelve winners of a promotion Lion Nathan was running , the prize for which was a beer appreciation dinner, hosted by well-known brewer Chuck Hahn. The occasion turned out to be very enjoyable: the beers were all familiar brews from the James Squire range, along...
  7. scrogster

    Ale Malt In Lagers

    I've got heaps of Ale Malt at present (Powell's to be specific). Lager season is definitely upon me, especially since I usually ferment in my garage in Melbourne. Anyone got some suggestions for recipes, or any good reasons why I shouldn't be able to make a decent lager or two out of this malt...
  8. scrogster

    Culturing Yeast From Commercial Beers

    Of course we've all got good value out of culturing up the dregs from a bottle of Coopers!, but I thought it might be interesting for AHBers to compare notes on other beers they have cultured from with good results. These are some I've been successful with: -Cooper's Pale Ale (of course!)...
  9. scrogster


    My barleycrusher arrived from the states today. Not too bad going considering I only ordered it on Thurdsday (five days ago!). Can't wait to brew this weekend. :)
  10. scrogster

    Grain Mill Purchase

    I'm presently looking into buying a grain mill, and I'm leaning towards importing either a crankandstein or a barleycrusher from the states. Is anyone out there interested in putting together a combined order for several units in order to save on freight costs and negotiate a cheaper unit price...
  11. scrogster

    High Pressure Burner

    AHB readers a few months ago might recall my tale of woe regarding a dodgy high pressure burner and regulator purchased from Ray's outdoors. I've since returned it to Ray and purchased a proper unit from Grain and Grape. This unit is amazing! I managed to get a 30L batch of wort to a a crazy...
  12. scrogster

    Lpg Burners

    I'm presently looking to buy an LPG burner for brewing, and I want to get the best value for money. I was looking a Ray's outdoors today and I am tossing up between two models they have: the first one is a four-ring cast iron burner. I already have a suitable regulator for this and it will cost...
  13. scrogster

    Stainless Fittings

    Hello brewers, I'm in the process of building a new brew kettle from an old keg. Today I went shopping for stainless fittings (ball valve, hose tail etc). I went to Geordi Stainless in Cheltenham, Melbourne. I just wanted to let other Melbourne brewers know that this place has a huge rang eof...
  14. scrogster

    Holgate Old Pale Ale: Yeast Strain?

    Hi folks, I've been brewing with yeast I cultured up from a bottle of Holgate Old Pale Ale. Anyone know what strain this yeast is? The brew (currently in secondary, not bottled yet) tastes great! Cheers, Scrogster