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    Soda Stream Adapter Help

    Help!!!!! I've got people coming for Grand Final day and I can't get my newly purchased soda stream adpater to put out any gas????? It's basic to connect to the regulator in place of a normal co2 bottle,'s not working. Any thoughts???? Cheers Fish
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    Twotones Beer Launch

    The Melbourne Brewers and Transport Hotel would like to extend an invitation (please see attached for the fancy version) to AHB members for the launch of TwoTones Pale Ale at Transport Hotel on Thursday September 18. This beer is the result of Beerfest 2008s Champion brewer prize, the winners...
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    Collecting Wort For Starters From The End Of The Mash

    I just wanted to confirm there were no dramas with collecting the end of the runnings from the mash for use with starters. This evening after I had my pre-boil amounts I was still able to collect 2 litres of 9 brix / 1036 wort. I boiled for about 15 minutes and have this cooling outside with my...
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    What's The Latest You've Mashed-in?

    For the night-brewers..........What's the latest you've mashed-in? Couldn't get the kids to bed this evening and subsequently mashed-in at 9:40pm, a new record for me! All I can say is thank god for no-chill. I'd still be out there otherwise. Cheers Fish
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    True Wort Temperature?

    I currently have a Robust Porter fermenting in my fridge-mate temperature controlled fridge. My question being how accurately do people think the ambient temp measured by the fridge-mate sensor is to the wort temperature? Im conscious of but unclear about the fact that the fermentation process...
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    Firdgemate Heat Source

    Just wondering what people use as a heating source with their Mashmaster Fridgemate controller? Is it possible to purchase an incandescent light globe fitting that is complete with power chord, i.e. as opposed to having to wire one up? Cheers Fish
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    Hop Flower Viability

    How do you tell if your dried hops are still ok to use? I have a heap of dried hop flowers that are bang on two years old. They have been stored in less than ideal conditions - simply double-plastic bagged and kept in the fridge. On inspection they are more yellow than green, very dry and...
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    Wyeast 1028 - Recipe Thoughts

    I have a Smack Pack of Wyeast 1028 - London Ale which I have 'smacked' this evening. Hoping to brew on the weekend and was looking for recipe thoughts. My query centres around the fact that due to the colder conditions fermentation will probably take place at the low end of the specs - say 15C...
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    Advice Re. Purchasing A Keg Systems

    Ive got a mate who wants to jump head-long into brewing by purchasing a complete kegging system. While looking on the net he stumbled across kegsonline I said Id help him out and just wanted to ask if anyone had any experience with a kegsonline...
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    8 Day Brew

    I've got a golf trip coming up and at very short notice thought I might brew a wheat beer. Is it possible to brew a beer and have it kegged ready to drink within 8 days? I have a 'heat pad' which will ferment at approx. 25C which should speed things along. Fish
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    Beerfest 2007

    Melbourne Brewers are excited to announce the details for Beerfest 2007 (Feb 9-11). Please visit our dedicated web-site for entry forms and full details of over $2000 dollars in cash and prizes, including: Champion Beer of Show: Grand Ridge Brewery has again...
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    Foaming Keg

    I've got a keg of American Brown Ale that for the life of me I can't get to dispense properly and I'm hoping someone might be able to help. I over-gassed it to start with and was dispensing nothing but foam. :( I then de-gassed the keg over 24 hours and re-gassed using 'the Ross method'...
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    Fridge Conversion

    Sorry in advance as I'm sure the forum has many posts on this topic - I just can't find them! Can anyone point me in the direction of a post / web-site that details the steps in converting my beer fridge into a proper piece of brewery art, i.e. installing taps, drip trays, gas in for 4 kegs...
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    Lead In Brass

    For the scientists amongst us. In the final throws of my all-grain set-up I dutifully set about cleaning all my equipment prior to use. One step being to soak my brass fittings in a 2:1 solution of white vinegar and hydrogen peroxide to remove any lead. I soaked everything for about 10 minutes...
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    Interesting Article In Today Melbourne Age

    The following is worth a read. I tried their beers at Beertopia and thought they were really good. Fish
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    Hot Water Urn

    I've just purchased a secondhand 36 litre JOMACK Hot Water Urn which I plan to use as my HLT. Being secondhand it is a bit dirty and I need to calibrate the temperature dial, as such I have a couple of quick questions if people can help: 1. Cleaning: I boiled some water in it last night and...
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    Hops In Bag V's Loose

    I have just dry hopped two APA's with 25g Cascade pellets. One I threw the pellets in loose after racking to secondary the other I put the pellets in a piece of stocking, placed this at the bottom of the secondary and racked the beer on top of this. The loose pellets option produced a...
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    Steam & Wheat Beer Recipes

    Hi all, Making a dash to my local HBS this evening and wanted to pick up some ingredients for future brews. I have the following Wyeasts in my fridge I wanted to try: 2112 - Calinfornian Lager 3056 - Bavarian Wheat 3333 - German Wheat Can anyone offer either extract or partial recipes for...
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    Eski Size

    What is the ideal sized eski (in litres) to use as a mash/lauter tun when wanting to get the most out of a 50litre HLT and boiler setup? I've got a 25L easki I used to do a small all-grain batch, however I don't think it will be big enough in the long run. Cheers Fish
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    Wyeast 1056 - American Pale Ale

    Hi all, My 2 litre Wyeast 1056 - American Pale Ale starter should be ready by the weekend however I can't get the ESB wort kit I wanted to use it with in time. Has anyone had any success with this yeast and any kits? Happy to add hops, extract, etc... although need to keep the process pretty...