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    electric element rating and heat density

    Hi guys, finally looking at getting back into brewing and setting up a 3v RIMS system. Currently looking at what elements I will need. Plan is for 3 total (1 MLT, 1RIMS tube, 1 ketlle). System will be all 50L vessels so probably looking at max boil of ~40L or thereabouts. The plan is to...
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    Western Sydney Bottle Shops

    Hi guys, pretty simple question. Just looking for places where I can get some decent craft beers in Western Sydney and even better if I can find someone with growlers for something a bit different. I know the bottle shop at Westmead used to be pretty good but haven't been there since it became...
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    Any Tilers In Western Sydney

    Hi guys, Looking for a tiler to tile our kitchen / living hall and entry. It's probably about 50m^2. If you know anyone around whos good it would be great if you could shoot me their details. Cheers, Rob
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    Grain Bulk Buy - Syd

    Hi guys, I've just started to get back into brewing, and as such am in need of some base grains again. I've been looking through here to see if there has been any bulk buys lately and fortunately for me there hasn't. So with any luck that means I will be run off my feet with interest. I'm...
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    Comments And Recommendatinos On A Simple Apa

    Hi all, After a long hiatus I've decided it's time to get off my ass and set my berw gear back up. So I'm frantically gettign some bits and bobs together for a new mash tun etc. and have started formulating a few recipes which should be reasonably easy to put down. How does the below look...
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    Kegging Setup.

    Hi Guys, I'm looking at getting a kegging setup going. i have plenty of fonts and taps, an under bar chiller (Need to attach a compressor yet) and just need the kegging side of it. Obviously i need kegs and beer line. But when i get to disconnects I'm not sure what i need exactly. Is it one...
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    Western Sydney Bottlo

    Hi all, For all of you in Western Sydney, theres a botle shop at pitt town. My local, and the guy has some dead set ripper beer in there. I was just reading the belgian beer thread, and recognised a lot of names from beer he stocks there. He has magnums of all kinds of things. Even has some NT...
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    Kolsch Taste

    Hi all, I brewed a kolsch about a 2 months ago now, and has been lagering since then. It has a very pronounced flavour which is definately malt driven, but im unsure if it should be like this or not. Ive only ever had 2 and they were in the NSW Christmas case. One was Docs which had a spicy hop...
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    Promash Alc%

    Hi all, Just bottled my first AG, however, ive realised that promash is giving me the alc % of it without taking into account the priming sugar. Its a minor issue really, but is there anyway i cna get the final alc %to take this into account? Cheers, Rob
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    Mobile Coolroom $500

    Is this a good deal guys or not? Thining about going to get it in a minute. 6' long 3'6" wide 5'6" high CHeers, Rob Edit: Working with all compressor etc.
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    Insulating Properties Of A Bath Tub

    Hey guys, The general concensus here was that copper in the brew was baaaaad. But ive come up with another idea. You always see old cast iron tubs lying around. And i think you could probably fit 4 fermenters in one. Definately 3, maybe 4. Was wondering how well it would insulate though...
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    Apa Base Grain

    OK, ive done a large search on different APA recipes through the site with the look to making one in the near future. The question i have though. Is which is my base grain for this beer? Ive noticed some recipes are using pils as the base, and others using pale ale malt. What are the pros and...
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    Immersion Chiller

    I all, Im looking at making an immersion chiller which stays in my brew and is used as the cooling rather than a fermentation fridge. Just a little experiment i'm trying at the moment. The question i ask is, Can you leave a copper immersion chiller in your brew throughout primary and...
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    Decoction Mashing

    Hi all, Put down my second AG today. Another 8 hour jobby. But included crushing grains and adjusting the mill to get a slightly finer crush. Hopefully get my efficiency up a little this time. Although from what promash is telling me at the moment ive passed the magic 75% so all's looking well...
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    Multiple Input Temperature Controllers

    Hi all. Im looking at starting a project whereby i build a glycol chiller from an old air con unit. Pretty simple from what i can see on Overclockers Australia. (You will have to go to the forum section). Then making a stainless coil for each of my fermenters. Again not an overly arduos...
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    Base Grains To Buy

    HI all. Starting to go right into Ag and just wondering what grains to buy and what amount. Was thinking about 25kg of pale pils wheat and 2kg of crystal choc and roast Any other suggestions on something i should get Cheers, Rob
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    Grain Volume

    Hey all, found some cheap feed drums today which i can get 3 for $20. air tight and all that. so keep the mice and other vermin out. Just wondering what volume 25kG of grain takes up before i get out and buy some. Cheers, Rob
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    Alcohol Taste In Oktoberfest

    Hi all, I brewed an oktoberfest about 3 weeks ago now. But the fridge died on me halfway through. So the ferment started at 13 degrees, but rose to about 17 by the end of the ferment. Most of this was done at the lower temp however. It tasted fantastic originally, but tasted a bit...
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    Bottle Filling

    Hi all, I made up one of those counter pressure bottle filling thingys. But was wondering what pressure i should bottle at. Or does it not matter as long as i have positive pressure? I just dont wanna blow the botle up in front of me.
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    Cheap Fermenters

    Hi all, I dont mind buying most things from the local home brew shop, but the price of fermenters seems a bit steep to me. Does anyone know where i can get fermenter suitable containers from for a reasonable price in Sydney. I found a shop in vic that does them cheap if any of you live...