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    Wtb: 750ml Longnecks (vic)

    The way I built up my collection of longies was to go see the barman at the local RSL/Bowling Club etc and ask him (nicely) to leave the longies out for you. I collected them each day on my way home from work. Easy, free way to get your longies, enjoy. Dave...
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    Hi Nearly, I have been using it for years, no problems, go for it. Dave...
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    The Five Things You Love Most Abbout Home-brewing?

    1) You are not an alcoholic, you are an enthusiast 2) Almost free piss 3) Best tasting grog in the world 4) I made it, so up yours, you Tooheys/VB buying freak 5) Did I mention that it is almost free????
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    The Beers Prayer

    Our Beer Which art in bottles Hallowed be thy sport Thy will be drunk I will be drunk At home as I am in the pub Give us each day our daily schooners And forgive us our spillage As we forgive those you spillest against us And lead us not into the practice of wine tasting And deliver us from...
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    I am a big fan of "brew shield". It is Hydrogen peroxide, collodial silver and distilled water. Never a problem with the product, make it up in a spray bottle and spray everything. $5.00 a bottle of 250mls. Lasts ages as only 30ml used per brew You can buy it at Woolies, too easy No need to...
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    How long do you lot age your beer for before enjoying it? I am probably referring to the bottlers. I have tried it after two weeks and it tastes/is muddy creek water. I age mine for 3 months and it is fine. It is aged in a specially converted old wardrobe (dark, dry etc). How long do you age...
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    What Sanitiser Do You Use?

    Brew Shield. No Problems whatsoever. No Smell, No rinse, works for me, quick too. More time for drinking beer or making more :-) my two bob
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    I was using cheap labels from the newsagents and found they broke up when wet.... I have given up on labels and just use a "magic marker" on the lids to record the batch number on my brew record which I knocked up in Excel.... The labels seen here are great, good one guys.
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    What do you prime with?

    woops, looks like I posted this in the wrong topic area, meant for the pub, oh well....
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    What do you prime with?

    I have always used plain white sugar, but would be interested in hearing what others use??
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    Blessed be the longneck drinkers...

    If you want bottles, go down to your local RSL/Bowling club/Pub etc and bribe the barman... I took him/her a couple of bottles of my finest, a few milk crates to put the empties and a promise to pick them up regulary. It worked for me, but pick them up regulary, as most cellarman don't like...
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    Anyone brewing this weekend?

    Yeah, I'm with Fiscus... Does anyone have a good ginger beer recipe, I'm keen... My friends aften ask if I have ginger beer, but alas, I only have a selection of fine home brewed beers for them.
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    Bottle bomb stories anyone?

    Does anyone have a good story about exploding bottle/s ?? We might get a laugh and learn something. I have heard stories but no real first hand information. The only exploding bottle I have ever had was an already cracked bottle (I think), it broke cleanly into 3 pieces. I have never had a...
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    Sterilizing Bottle Tops

    I don't sterilise the tops..... I use the cheap shitty Bi-Lo crown seals and have never had issues in over a hundred brews. The bag has a little hole to breathe I suppose, but never any problems.
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    Hey SIMO, great post, very informative.... Re Sanitisers, I use "brew shield" and have found it excellent. It is colloidal silver (a very strong germicide) and hydrogen peroxide. It has no odour, I mix it in a spray bottle and I just spray everything, it is very easy and effective. I used to...
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    Have always used Central Coast tap water, no problems. I think it is lower in Chlorine than Sydney water because when I go to Sydney, the water tastes like drinking from a council pool, yuk. I have just added a water filter (Culligan) and will see how that goes, (I will post how it goes) but...
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    Plastic, easy to clean, never had a problem. Wouldn't the glass be fragile? What about heat issues? (Adding NEAR boiling water to NEAR cold glass scares me)
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    KISS Beer

    Hi people, I cruised in here from the overclockers site. I have been brewing for about 5 years (over 130 brews) Well here is my recipe, simple yet effective, and tastes Ok for a simpleton like me, very crisp Coopers Lager brew kit 1Kg Dextrose too easy Make it as per instructions, keep...