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    I Seem To Buy More Home Brewing Stuff

    I hate you all. Anything you can do, I can do better. What a fine mess you got me into. I retired a year ago and one day in the supermarket I kept looking at all the kits availble and I figured this must be the way to go to save a quid. Like all the previous replies to this topic I been...
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    Head Retention

    Ross. I go with wheat but will try the other suggestions as well. I am glad you asked this question for I was about to do the same. The only difference is I was going to wait a week or so as I am wating for the results of my first AG. If the results regarding head retention is not to my...
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    Any One Live Near Me

    I 'll have a half... :chug:
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    Any One Live Near Me

    I 'll have a half... :chug:
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    Marga Grain Mills

    Ross. I just went through the same exercise as you. After days of searching for options and prices I ended up ordering a Marga Mulino from . I just received confirmation of my order. It will cost me $106.95 including $12.00 postage to Brisbane. I begrudge the overseas...
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    I Nead An Immersion Heater

    Thanks Batz. In that case that could be my next addition to the brewery if I can find one. I dealt with Tobins before in Sydney and I was very happy with the price and quick service with my fridge thermostat. Hum, I might just have to think of a suitable thermostat to control the immersion...
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    I Nead An Immersion Heater

    Pardon my ignorance but if you don't ask, you never never know. How easy is it to fit an immersion heater to an esky type of container?. Do you need an electrition to install it? I am slowly getting my gear together, scrounging for the cheapest way but I am not comfortable with 240V and...
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    Happy Birthday Old Thing

    I don't know you, but I drink to that. Pity you only have one birthday a year, tomorrow I have to look for another reason to have a drink. Cheers...
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    Are There Any Advantages Using Rainwater

    Hey Pumpy. Was your prayer answered? You can't decieve me, look at the blue sky. With all those foodgrade buckets behind you, surely you are praying for them to be filled with more booze, what you need water for?
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    Brewing Times

    Oops. Thank you all for puting me back on the right path. Just as well I tried my way in writing first. I think I got it now. I had information overflow and got a bit confused. Good brewing...
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    Brewing Times

    Thanks JasonY. It obviously shows from my message that I am a Newbie and can't express myself too well in this new language. See if I can rewrite my thought differently here. I propose to allow my next batch to ferment in Primary 3-4 days until all bubbling ceases. I will than check the...
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    Brewing Times

    I have only downed three kit brews to day and am experimenting as I go along. I have done some research regarding average times a brew should stay in primary and secondary. I propose to Rack and Bulk Prime prior to bottling from now on. In Brisbane at the moment and with the type and style of...
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    Racking And Bulk Priming

    To date I put dowm 3 kit brews only and have just started to taste the fruit of my labour from the first batch. The results are better than expectations as compared to the last Brigallow kit that I tried some years ago. The path to enlightenment is often difficult but I feel that I should...
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    Recording Your Brews - What Do You Use?

    I only put down two brews, so I can.t realy tell you if it is good or not, but I found and evaluating "Home Brew Kit Master". Http:// I had a look at promash, but it looked too involved for me at this stage. Keep it simple stupid is my motto. :rolleyes:
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    Introduce Yourself.

    G'Day All. This forum seems to contain a nice collection of thirsty and impatient enthusiasts like myself, so allow me to join the group. I am a sixtytwo year old newbie from Brisbane. Been there done that, but I am still waiting for the result of my first experiment with homebrewing. I...