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  1. chris.taylor.98

    Macedon Brewer's meeting tonight at Royal George Hotel Kyneton

    Hi All, For anyone in the Macedon ranges area, the Macedon Brewer's have been meeting at the Royal George Hotel in Kyneton. Tonight we are going to have an introductory talk on all things kegging. All welcome. Cheers Chris
  2. chris.taylor.98

    A new homebrew club is born ... Macedon Brewers

    Hands up who lives in the Macedon ranges area and wants to be part of a homebrew club? Not only that, it will be hosted in the Royal George Hotel! (did we mention it has 17 taps of craft beer including a hand pump?) First meeting will be next Thursday 25th Sep, kick off from 7:30pm (but you...
  3. chris.taylor.98

    Help choose our tap beer - Royal George Hotel

    Hi Guys, Here is the first Royal George AHB poll to get us started. I am happy to have an ongoing AHB tap. If you want to add a beer to the list, just post it up and I will include it in the next poll. Cheers Chris
  4. chris.taylor.98

    We bought a pub :)

    Hi Guys, its been a while since I have posted, but I am still brewing :) My partner and myself have taken over the Royal George Hotel in Kyneton (about 1hr from Melbourne) and have installed 17 taps. Tap line up at the moment is: Mildura Choc Hops Stout on handpump. Red duck - Forsaken -...
  5. chris.taylor.98

    Brewshare @ The Local Taphouse $100 G&g Voucher Up For Grabs

    Hi All, Steve from the Local Taphouse in St Kildla ( like I had to tell you where it is ) is trying to get more of your lazy arses along to their Brewshare night this Tue coming. There is $100 G&G voucher up for grabs and only one entry so far ... that makes for some pretty good odds. Also...
  6. chris.taylor.98

    Drink .. And Live Longer

    Ok so I know this is preaching to the converted but here is another study to quote back to those tee tollaling, prohibition seeking, .02 pushing retards
  7. chris.taylor.98

    Vic Xmas Case Swap 2010 Date Poll

    Hi All, If you are planning on attending the Vic xmas case swap 2010 can you please vote on a preffered date. Thanks Chris
  8. chris.taylor.98

    Vic Xmas Case Swap 2010

    Ok funsters Yours truly has put up his hand to host this time around. Most likely dates are either Nov 13th or Nov 20th and for those that don't know I am located in Mooroolbark You know the deal (well most of you do). Max 28 in the swap first come first served. I will put on some food for...
  9. chris.taylor.98

    Brewtoolz - Shared Recipe Editing

    Hi All, Just released another update to Brewtoolz that some of you might be interested in. We now have basic multi-user recipe editing, allowing multiple users to edit the same recipe. Could be useful for: - Working out recipes for combined brew days (case swaps, club brewing days etc) -...
  10. chris.taylor.98

    Brewtoolz - Open Source Brewing Calculator

    Hi All, A few of you may have already come across Brewtoolz in your web browsing. For those that haven't, it is a free web based brewing recipe calculator and logging site, being developed by a couple of fellow AHB users. Some of the current features include: Support for no chill hop...
  11. chris.taylor.98

    Bjcp Course - Melbourne 2009/10

    Hi All PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS THREAD VIA PM ----> USE THIS EMAIL ADDRESS INSTEAD: [email protected] Melbourne Brewers have finally got around to arranging the next Melbourne based BJCP course. The course will be situated at Pete's warehouse (aka Brewers Den's warehouse)...
  12. chris.taylor.98

    .02 Bac Proposal

    ... is it just me, or should we all be starting to get a bit worried about these sort of stories these sort of stories starting to appear? While definitely not an advocate of drink driving, I would consider such a move to have a very adverse affect on our favorite pastime, not to mention the...
  13. chris.taylor.98

    Melbourne Brewers Club Meeting - James Squires Head Brewer - Tonight

    Hi all, Tonights meeting is going to be a big one: Roy Lever, The James Squire Ambassador and Dave Edney the head brewer coming along. Dave will give a talk on pH and how it relates to beer making. They also bring with them tasty samples of beer and stories from the brewhouse. Dave is also...
  14. chris.taylor.98

    Melbourne Brewers Club Meetings

    Hi All, Have been a bit slack on updates regarding Melbourne Brewers monthly meetings, and was pulled up on this fact at a recent case swap. So for all those interested, meetings take place on the last Weds of every month. They are almost always out at Pete's Warehose in Ferntree Gully ( see...
  15. chris.taylor.98

    Melbourne Brewers - Mother Of All Brew Days ... Agian

    Hi All This Sunday coming Melbourne Brewers are undertaking the mother of all brew days ... for a second time! We enjoyed it so much last time going to do it all over again. 6 Different style, 9+ brewers, 200+ liters ... this time it is in aid of the clubs annual dinner in July, but do we...
  16. chris.taylor.98

    Beerfest 2009 Results

    Results attached ... will go up on the website in the next day or so. Congratulations to all who placed. Thanks heaps to those that came up to help. And thanks to all those who entered. I will endeavor to get judging sheets/trophies out in the next 3 weeks or so.
  17. chris.taylor.98

    Best Options For Posting Comp Entries From Interstate - Beerfest 2009

    Hi All, Had a question PMed to me today that I don't really have the experience to answer, and thought I would pick the brains of the collective forum instead. What is the best way of sending beers interstate for competition entries? Cheers Chris
  18. chris.taylor.98

    Beerfest 2009

    Beerfest 2009 $1500 in prizes ... 2 great nights The Melbourne Brewers is once again running Beerfest at Grand Ridge Brewery, Mirboo North, Victoria from Friday 20th to Saturday 21st February 2009. Entries close 12pm Saturday 7th February 2009. The are 8 Categories, covering most Beer...
  19. chris.taylor.98

    Melbourne Brewers Club Meeting, 26th November 2008

    Last Melbourne Brewer's club meeting for the year, prior to the Xmas party. Make sure you come along to get your first club copy of your BYO magazine ( that is now included as part of the membership ). Note you have to turn up in person to collect it. This month Peter and Dale Meddings and...
  20. chris.taylor.98

    Vic Brewers Xmas Case Swap - Recipes

    Well someone had to be first, and seeing how I am usually really slack when it comes to this bit ... Little Brown Style: 11A. Mild Description: Mild ale for the AHB Xmas case swap - 2008 Single infusion Mash at 68C Brew at ~ 20C Volume [ltr]: 30.00 Efficiency: 70.00% ABV: 3.57%...