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    Bland sour/mixed fermentation (WLP655) - what to do?

    About 15 months ago I brewed my first solo attempt at a sour. I had a pack of WLP655 Belgian Sour Mix 1 that was just out of date. I made a starter to increase the cell count. The recipe was 50/50 pale malt and pilsner lightly hopped, mashed at 68. I pitched the WLP655 starter and also US05 and...
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    Ditch "Home Brew", it's "Home Made Craft Beer" ok?

    I reckon we should abandon the term "home brew". Especially those brewers that can really brew; whether it's kit, extract or AG doesn't really matter. If you can brew a high quality beer you are making home made craft beer. The term "home brew" reminds me of the days when the only reason to brew...
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    Just arrived in Brussels and need some help with deciding what to try&

    Hi All, I've just arrived in Brussels on holidays with my wife and 5 yo. We're here for six nights. I'm already overwhelmed with the beer selection so if anybody has any tips on must-drink beers it would be much appreciated. I'm interested in trying the whole range of Belgian beers but in the...
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    50% Munich 50%MO 100% Cube hopped Zythos APA

    Any comments on this recipe idea? 50% Munich (2.5kg) 50% Maris Otter (2.5kg) 90g Zythos in the cube US05 OG 1049 IBU 51 (predicted from no-chill function on IanH's BIAB spreadsheet) I no-chill and have been thinking of doing a 100% cube hopped beer for a while. Anybody made anything similar...
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    Galaxy hops and astringency. Is there a solution?

    I've used Galaxy hops a few times now. I've used once in the boil for a single hop extract beer, once cube hopped and once dry hopped. The beers made with Galaxy in the boil and cube hopping both ended up with a bitterness that was quite astringent. The single hop extract beer with Galaxy was...
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    Nelson Sauvin overpowering my Fatter Yak

    Trying my first bottle of this version of a Fatter Yak recipe. To me it tastes like the Nelson has overpowered the recipe a bit. It's not a particularly pleasant drinking experience. It tastes overly dry, fruity and a bit oily as if he hop oils are covering my tongue. It's only been in the...
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    Alternative To Carapils, Carafoam?

    I'm going to do the fatter yak recipe over xmas and have just got all the ingredients except carapils (carafoam) which is not stocked by my LHBS. Can I just drop from the recipe or should substitute something else? What does carapils add? Also, they only had 20EBC Munich. Is that the same as...
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    Aussie Ale With Por, Summer Saaz And Galaxy

    I hate waste so I want to use up some of my older hops and malt. What do you reckon about the following: Ale Maris Otter 0.9kg Ale Malt 4.5kg Pride of Ringwood 20g@45 Pride of Ringwood 20g@15 Summer Saaz 25g@15 Galaxy 13g Dry hop US05 Ianh's spreadsheet predicts: OG 1.054 FG 1.012 IBU 33.5 EBC...
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    Kick Ass Hopper Design For A Mashmaster Minimill

    Hey fellas, My Mashmaster MiniMill arrived today. I'm very pleased with what is a serious piece of kit. Of course there is no hopper supplied (and interestingly no instructions or schematics, but I can work that one out.) I'd like to press it in into action this weekend so I need to fabricate a...
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    First Ag, Biab + No Chill, Successfully Completed

    Hi All, Did my first AG today. It was much easier than I thought it would be. Mainly this was thanks to all the information I had picked up from the forum over the last few months. My advice to anybody contemplating BIAB and no chill is stop procrastinating and just do it! (Forgive the long...