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    Which FG measurement to believe?

    Fair call. Kegged it today and the hydrometers were indicating more like 1.014 so perhaps it hadn't finished after all. I've calibrated the Tilt for both RD and temp. I've got another Coopers "Ruby Porter" tin to make. I've grabbed a magnetic stirrer (need distractions during social distancing...
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    Which FG measurement to believe?

    Hydrometers were within one point of each another. Tilt was out by about 12.
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    Which FG measurement to believe?

    Nice work @philrob. That's an interesting result. I too would typically only use the refractometer when brewing AG and hadn't considered the change in refractive index that the alcohol would create. Thank you for the chart. Adjusting per the chart, it seems that the Tilt and the refractometer...
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    Which FG measurement to believe?

    Much like the man with two watches who never knows what time it actually is, I'm struggling to decide where my beer is at. Haven't brewed for a while and the first couple of weeks of COVID-19 related WFH had me thinking I better slap something together fast, so time for an extract batch...
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    Keg hire for melbourne office

    Worst. Rant. Ever.
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    FS [Perth] 2x19 & 1x6L Chinese legs

    All done. Thanks, these are now sold.
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    FS [Perth] 2x19 & 1x6L Chinese legs

    PM sent Thurs, Poggor. I'm not busting a gut to sell them, but as you can see, there is other interest. Holla back, y'all!
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    FS [Perth] 2x19 & 1x6L Chinese legs

    Aargh, I fixed that autocorrect once! Forgot to double check the topic. Smartphones eh? So useful and yet so potentially embarrassing. Sorry, no limbs for sale here. The kegs are in Northbridge. I'd prefer to sell as a bundle, so Poggor has dibs for the moment.
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    FS [Perth] 2x19 & 1x6L Chinese legs

    G'day, I have three ball-lock kegs for sale in Perth. I've got a pair of 19 litre kegs, one branded Keg King and the other Kegco. Reasonable nick. I bought them used from an HBS and have dispensed a few brews from them happily. Have cleaned and lubed them. I also have a 6 litre, super handy for...
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    Is your beer vegan?

    Surely on the "industrial scale" mentioned in the article, they're using Polyclar or similar rather than gelatine or isinglass? I guess the dinosaurs that died to make the PVPP had feelings too.
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    Cheap Chinese Aliexpress Flow control taps.

    Despite the quality control issues, it looks like you've done a great job. I especially like the shelf engineering!
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    Cheap Chinese Aliexpress Flow control taps.

    "Ching Chong"? Really?
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    Cascade spicy ghost

    How long ago did Cascade pull the pin on all their extracts?
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    Family friendly pub that serves decent beer in Canberra.

    Edgar's Inn is a stone's throw from the Australian War Memorial (at the Ainslie shops), but might be a little limited on the beer selection. The Duxton, in O'Connor (nee All Bar Nun), is bit bigger and has a bunch more taps. Would be very interested to see a report on Bentspoke.
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    Same batch as HBHB, rehydrated 2 packs (to be sure, to be sure after reading this thread) and pitched both into a 1.050 SNPA clone. Into the brew fridge at 18 degrees. Checked in on it this morning, about 40 hours later. Kräusen is well on its way.
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    The Brauduino (Matho’s Controller) Buy thread

    1. Lael x2 2. natdene 3. shaodw 4. gap 5. kingy 6. barneey 7. ArnieW 8. Putrino 9. Mitch_76 10. tateg 11. LiquidCurrency 12. rafinus 13. crazyhorse 14. marksy x 2 15. JB 16. Neo__04 17.Masters Brewery 18. Cervantes 19. Cervantes 20. sipahono 21. BobCharlie 22. jubilakka 23. CoxR 24. Capnk 25...
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    Tanglehead Brewery And The Dead Parrot Sketch

    Apologies WJ, that was directed at the original post, not your joke. I should have quoted. :P
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    Tanglehead Brewery And The Dead Parrot Sketch

    Are you going to tell them the punchline or are you going to follow suit vis-a-vis discretion being the better part of valour? :icon_cheers:
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    Perth Brewday Early Nov Anyone?

    Sure did :D Thanks everyone, was a most enjoyable day.
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    Bulk Sodium Percarbonate In Wa

    RM, Sorry I didn't get back in sooner. I'll take some of the straight stuff if its still available. I should be at Ausdb's brewday and be able to fix you up there. Let me know if that's cool. Are you pushing black stuff out of holes in rocks with all that CO2?