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  1. notung

    FS all grain brewing gear clear out

    Ok all locked in as follows: Ingredients: sold to blunt, pending pickup (bevan next in line) Better bottles: sold to AJ80, ppu Mill: sold to blunt, ppu Yeast culturing: sold to blunt, ppu Bottling gear: sold to blunt, ppu Tap King stuff: sold to boombah, ppu
  2. notung

    FS all grain brewing gear clear out

    Evening, At the moment it seems like most things are going to new homes. Like I mentioned in the first post, I'm showing favouritism towards people who want more stuff. This means I'm more likely to move on more of the gear and also means coordinate fewer pickups. So unless a there's a brewer...
  3. notung

    FS all grain brewing gear clear out

    Hi there, Thanks for interest so far everybody. Killer and Camerong, you've got dibs in that order if I decide on posting the mill. I'm hoping someone closer can take it away though given the volume of it all.
  4. notung

    FS all grain brewing gear clear out

    Hi all, As I've recently set aside the brewing hobby, I'm interested in clearing out my gear. In particular there are some nice ingredients wanting to be turned into beer. All ingredients & adjuncts, including storage containers and hops in freezer (not shown). Here is a beersmith inventory...
  5. notung

    The Grainfather

    That's brilliant! Great find.
  6. notung

    Red Earth and Super Alpha Rhizomes

    I'm interested in the Red Earth. PM sent.
  7. notung

    BrauWhirlio - Braumeister clone with whirlpool

    Great job Dave and thanks for sharing. Do you fit the whirlpool attachment in through the hole in a skin fitting? How does that go getting it down with hot wort?
  8. notung

    My $500 Brew House (with pics)...

    Great result! Thanks for posting the pics breaking down the steps you took! How much space do you have there? 2.1 x 2.4 or something? How are you planning to deal with waste from sink?
  9. notung

    Pimp My TapKing

    Nice one soreba! Could you share roughly how much the pack from bunnings cost you and do you recall what else was in there?
  10. notung

    Tonic Water

    I just ordered a bottle of Tomr's tonic syrup and Dr. Adam Elmegirab's Spanish Bitters from onlybitters.com. It's only ever been about angostura at our house so I'm looking forward to tasting a difference.
  11. notung

    Pimp My TapKing

    Thanks Hugh!
  12. notung

    ebay and gum tree finds

    Someone in Brisbane is going to get a nice cheap start to kegging.
  13. notung

    Pimp My TapKing

    Yep, there it is. I had missed that! Ah, how interesting! A 3/16 id hose works out to be 4.8mm. Do you plan on running 4mm hose all the way to the low pressure side of the tap king or joining to 6mm hose as in the mrTbeer method? I wonder if a hose clip/clamp would get a 6mm id hose tight...
  14. notung

    Pimp My TapKing

    Thanks to mrTbeer's guide I have been modifying my tap king. It's all all been easy until I got to putting my mini regulator together. The 1/4" female thread on the regulator is too small for the 1/4" male thread on the 1/4" male > 6mm hose barb fitting! Can anyone tell me where I've gone wrong...
  15. notung

    Melbourne: Grain Bulk Buy - Last for 2013

    See everyone this morning!
  16. notung

    Melbourne: Grain Bulk Buy - Last for 2013

    Truly sorry Darkman. My mistake. Thanks techno and cocko for fixing.
  17. notung

    Melbourne: Grain Bulk Buy - Last for 2013

    1. Grainer: 1 x Marris Otter, 1x Bohemian Pilsner, 1x Vienna Malt,1 x Munich Malt, 1x Trad Ale, 1 x Wheat Malt Pale 1x Briess Red Wheat (Cocko split) 1x Briess Midnight Wheat (cocko split), 1 x Simpsons Crystal Medium. (50% Split Northbrew) 2. Cocko: 2x Briess Pale Ale. 3. northbrew: 1x...
  18. notung

    Matho's controller

    Spare ds18b20 all wired in correctly now, just like in Matho's guide. It's been inserted into the temp probe. I have a similar issue but instead of the pump firing up straight away, for me it is the element. It is on from the moment power goes through the controller and won't stop after reaching...
  19. notung

    Braumeister NEXTGEN Build

    Will do, thanks. I see what you mean. I've got silicone element washers on the inside of the pot but not on the outside. The multimeter test is a great idea.
  20. notung

    Braumeister NEXTGEN Build

    Thanks edak, I believe the earth connection is pretty good, although I have not powered up the element yet. You can see the earth wire in the last photo, inside the diecast aluminium sealed box. It is connected to one of the element fastening screws (not the terminal) underneath the nut. In...
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