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  1. Truman42

    Bottling beer thats been carbed with Nitro?

    Dos anyone know if you have to sue special food grade Nitrogen or if the disposable cylinders at plumbing stores will do the same job? Ive read that beer Nitro is a mix of Nitro and CO2 but it doesnt seem to say that on the cylinders that are sold at kegland and other brew stores etc.
  2. Truman42

    Bottling beer thats been carbed with Nitro?

    Ive had both and they both pour with a decent cascading effect like Guinness. You have to pour from height and the Mango Milkshake can says to shake the can twice then pour from a height.
  3. Truman42

    Bottling beer thats been carbed with Nitro?

    Not every can has a widgets. 4 Pines Nitro stout is in bottles and has no widgets. Either does One drop mango Milkshake IPA. Which is why I asked as it seems they can bottle/can without using widgets??
  4. Truman42

    Bottling beer thats been carbed with Nitro?

    Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone has kegged and carbed up a beer using nitro and then managed to bottle using a CPBF with that nitro beer? Im thinking of buying a small nitro setup but wait to bottle a few beers to give to mates etc?
  5. Truman42

    The Corona Virus (COVID 19) Thread

    I can't believe all the conspiracy theory wack jobs that have come out with their crazy theories. Covid19 is a man made biological weapon made by the Chinese to take over the world. Covid19 is caused by 5G and has the same symptoms. 5G is a way to break down our brains defence mechanism so...
  6. Truman42

    KegLand Questions and Answers

    I just ordered today at 12:26 pm. Received an email at 12:40 pm to say my order was ready to pick up. Thats fantastic service.
  7. Truman42

    I want to go into All-Grain

    Many brewers prefer a hydrometer but a refractometer is easier. A few drops is all you need. They arent accurate with fermenting wort but you can use a conversion calculator (Found online and with most brewing software). The key to good all grain beer is record everything for repeat ability...
  8. Truman42


    I made a crafteerpi controller box for mine. I can switch between the Guten controls (Say if Im just running some sod perc to clean) or cbpi. I added a switch to the side of the guten and 2 IEC plugs underneath in the cable well. 1 for the elements and 1 for the pump. I use a PT100 probe in...
  9. Truman42

    No Frills low cost pressure fermenting

    I think if anyone still has beer in a keg 3-5 months later they arent doing it right. If I wanted to sit on a beer for that long I would use a corny keg. These fermenter king juniors are ideal as a spare keg at a good price and I like that they are suitable for smaller 15-18 litre batches as I...
  10. Truman42

    Cleaning gear and water restrictions

    fill 30l fermenetr and soak Warm water from brew pot then goes into rinsed out fermenter and is left to soak. I shake it up a few times and leave it for anywhere form hours to days. Then rinse.I never brew and do ferment same day so doesn't work . But I could def reuse the bottle soaking water...
  11. Truman42

    Cleaning gear and water restrictions

    I would feel guilty too thats insane. fill 50l brew pot and soak You dont need to fill and soak this. I rinse mine out then put 10-15 litres of water in, add sod perc and heat it up to 50C then soak for 30 minutes.. The steam helps soften everything and I wipe it with a soft cloth. You an run...
  12. Truman42

    Yeast Beast

    Well that was weird. I sent him a message on his contact page mentioning the posts on here about his lack of contact and the fact that he hasnt been responding to people. I said if Im not going to get my order by xmas (Everything was in stock) I want a refund. 5 minutes later I received a...
  13. Truman42

    Yeast Beast

    Try calling him.. Merchant Information Yeast Beast yeastbeastaustralia@gmail.com http://www.yeastbeast.com.au/ 0435 828 737 Australia
  14. Truman42

    Yeast Beast

    i ordered some yeast from Yeastbeast awhile ago. There was a delay in posting but when I contacted him he said he was waiting to get the Kviek in that I had ordered as it was due in a week later. I got them no worries but that was a good 4-5 months ago. Just ordered from him again about 5...
  15. Truman42

    Tried everything! Infection again!

    Why dont you buy a cheap plastic Bunnings 20 litre water drum and ferment in that next time and see what happens? if you dont get an infection then its obviously the fermenter and I would just throw it and get another one.
  16. Truman42

    Keg King Conversation- Back On AHB

    No there is no built in timer to do that. Im not even sure if you use a seperate timer if it will work as I think it resets once its turned back on. I will test it tonight. Yes you can use the pump to transfer to the fermenter but if you havent used the hop spider you might find it gets blocked...
  17. Truman42

    No Frills low cost pressure fermenting

    So does that include me too? I picked up mine last Friday (when you kept one aside for me) and brought a Spunding valve and disconnect with it?
  18. Truman42

    2x 50L Braumeister V1 $3250 Melb

    LOL..Note the time he posted.....:)
  19. Truman42

    No Frills low cost pressure fermenting

    Put it on the outside and even 15 Psi WILL blow it out. Don't ask me how I know...;)
  20. Truman42

    Voyager SM40

    I did this pale Ale with Veloria, pale malt (was going to be a smash but I didn't have enough Veloria) and Idaho 7 hops and it was awesome. Going to brew again as a SMASH. Recipe: Voyager Brewer: Troy Asst Brewer: Style: American Pale Ale TYPE: All Grain Taste: (30.0) Recipe Specifications...