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  1. gibbocore

    Water additions

    Hey Mate, thanks for the reply, sorry i didn't see this earlier but am brewing today. Basically figured that BOT was the closest regionally that i could find in Beersmith for the TTLL clone i was planning. (i have a chocolate stout sitting on top of WY1469 cake, am going to see if a straight up...
  2. gibbocore

    Water additions

    Hey all, About to dive into mineral additions to attempt to replicate a water profile. Given the sydney water website locates your address and will then spit out details specifically for brewing, ive come up with the below beersmith calcs for a burton on trent water profile. Does the attached...
  3. gibbocore

    Dedicated Herms Guide, Problems And Solution Thread

    Awesome, thanks Don, much appreciated
  4. gibbocore

    Dedicated Herms Guide, Problems And Solution Thread

    Thanks Don, thats reassuring, def keen to get going with fly sparging, need a better pickup tube in my kettle first. When fly sparging do you start your sparge while draining off? Or do you fully drain the mash tun first?
  5. gibbocore

    Dedicated Herms Guide, Problems And Solution Thread

    Hey Folks, is been a while but I finally got my herms rig up and running, living in a one city terrace, most parts of my rig are multi use and able to be pulled down for storage, that being said it’s performing really well and I’m pretty happy with flows and temp control, I run a copper coil...
  6. gibbocore

    Immersion chiller leak

    Hey fellas, thanks for that. I just finished filtering it. I re-boiled it down to 19L, ended up a fair bit more bitter than planned, but the hops i'd used were from unopened year old packs, i don't think they had the same punch because even though it was more bitter, it wasn't too bitter, plus...
  7. gibbocore

    Immersion chiller leak

    Hi All, long time no brew. I decided to dust off my AG gear and put down a batch today, a fav IPA of mine, after a bit of a bumpy run getting mash temps stable etc, the boil went off without a hitch and i sterilised my immersion chiller @ 10 mins to boil finish and was pretty happy at flameout...
  8. gibbocore

    Computer Fan Power

    i boxed mine with a switch in the fridge, its a 240v fan, i paralleled the fan off the power running to the fridge light (before the switch for the light). But i'm a (ex) sparky.
  9. gibbocore

    Acdc Wine

    dont care, will buy.
  10. gibbocore

    Commercial Garage Brewery

    I reckon 200L is the perfect size to pump out about 800L a weekend for example. And anything larger i'd be looking at contract brewing if you need to go larger, but 800L should be plenty to get your brand out there and generate enough interest to warrant any further investment.
  11. gibbocore

    Help Please, What Syle Is My Brew?

    surely if you use more chocolate malt you'll get more chocolate flavour??? hahaa. Need to change my location, i haven't lived in the shia for years. But always happy to help out a fellow brewer.
  12. gibbocore

    Help Please, What Syle Is My Brew?

    not much diastatic power in those malts is my suspicion. How long ago were they milled?
  13. gibbocore

    Refilling Soda Stream Bottles With Dry Ice

    that sounds pretty scary, good way to lose your face if you werent aware of the density of the ice, but that weight of the ice should correspond to the weight of the gas, 220g, however, i'm not sure if you can guarantee 100% co2 dry ice. I'd love to know more. I guess by letting it sublimate for...
  14. gibbocore

    Protein Rests

    I always do a rest at 55, then a quick decoction, rest the decoction at 66 for 10 mins then raise to boiling, then dump back into the mash. Adds about 20 mins to by mash and ensures a ramp up to my mash temp rather than dumping 80 degree water on my grains, had probs with attenuation and haven't...
  15. gibbocore

    B-saaz (motueka) Substitute?

    B-sazz is now known as Motueka
  16. gibbocore

    Sierra Nevada@dan Murphys

    not aimed at you pal.
  17. gibbocore

    Sierra Nevada@dan Murphys

    If you cant acknowledge that these are great beers, you probably are under the impression that a great PA or IPA should be a mouthful of passionfruit and citrusy hop flavour. It doesn't take a genius to dump a bucket of galaxy at flameout, but it does take some craft to balance a beer and make...
  18. gibbocore

    Sierra Nevada@dan Murphys

    just a heads up, read the alcohol content before knocking back a few torpedoes before you head out in the afternoon. WeeeEEeeeEEEee
  19. gibbocore

    2010 Hop Plantations

    awesome, cheers mate! @ newguy edit - lol im a bit slow bit slow,