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  1. neonmeate

    need some bottles - Adelaide

    Hey brewers of Adelaide just moved to this town and need some bottles! Don't mind what size, 750, 500, 330, whatever. Need about 10-15L worth of bottles if possible. In return I can fill a few up with vienna lager or baltic porter and deliver em back to you. I'm in Netherby, SE Adelaide. thanks...
  2. neonmeate

    Free Fridge + Temp Controller, Inner West Sydney

    moving house and won't have room for fridge no2 now sadly. small westinghouse fridge - 86cm tall, fits a 26L fermenter nicely. works fine. you can have my temperature controller as well. free ! although payment in the form of a longneck of your finest would be appreciated you would need to...
  3. neonmeate

    RecipeDB - Jever homage

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  4. neonmeate

    Marmalade In Witbier

    I seem to recall randy mosher recommending marmalade as the way of getting citrus into witbier, as the pectin helps to haze it up. I can't remember who I lent my copy of radical brewing to and I can't look it up - could anyone tell me the amount he advises? or if you have used marmalade in a wit...
  5. neonmeate

    Rye Altbier - What Hops To Use?

    my next batch will be a rye alt i've decided - grist for 20L batch: 2.5kg weyermann vienna 2kg weyermann rye malt 150g weyermann choc rye going for 1048 OG, wyeast 1007 question: what hops work with rye flavour? i want something that really works with the tanginess and spice of the rye. ideas?
  6. neonmeate

    Anybody Have Their Copy Of Blam Handy?

    i lent my copy of BLAM a while ago and i need the recipe of caracole nostradamus now that all these yummy dingemans malts are here. can anybody help out a poor tapir and post it here? or PM it to me?
  7. neonmeate

    Beer In Icecream

    just went up to our favourite gelato joint after pizza in Norton st last night - De Luca Cremeria - and i was excited to see a new flavour "BEER" with a little creatures cap sitting decoratively on the front. it was delicious. i think it was a milk based one but not too creamy, with the...
  8. neonmeate

    Platinum Cellars

    just got to platinum cellars (concord) for the first time ever.... jesus what a beer lineup. makes camperdown cellars and amatos look like bws. finally i've found somewhere in sydney that comes close to melbourne stores for imports i got lindemans cuvee rene gueuze, cantillon kriek, poperings...
  9. neonmeate

    Fresh Sour Cherries In Sydney

    ok seeing as it's cherry season I am thinking of making a Liefmans kriek sort of thing - a sour brown ale with sour cherries added (not a lambic - i'm still working through the great maggot disaster of 2004) (that's another story) anyway! i know they grow morello and montmorency cherries in...
  10. neonmeate


    spent hours adding boiling water, stirring, decocting, swearing at a stuck sparge before spotting my false bottom glistening quietly on the washing up rack. sometimes i amaze myself with how dumb i am.
  11. neonmeate

    Bald Brew

    Had a very nice porter at Debacle in Canberra this past weekend called "Bald Brew Entire Porter". Fantastic stuff, really powerful roasty beer. When I asked them at the bar who makes it, they said Zierholz (canberra) makes it - presumably under licence for someone bald. But on the menu there...
  12. neonmeate

    Canberra Beer

    dear roundabout specialists, i am going to be in canberra this weekend. 1. does the pig and when have the imperial stout on yet?? 2. where's the best place to get fresh zierholz round the centre of town [preferably not in a frosted schmiddy?]? 3. are there any other micros available...
  13. neonmeate

    Bottle Conditioning Flavour Effects

    something i've noticed: things that may taste like crap at bottling taste totally different as soon as they're carbonated. like, three, four days later. i'm assuming that this is because the extra little bit of yeast activity in carbonation cleans up off flavours and produces a few more...
  14. neonmeate

    Chouffe Houblon Dobbelen Tripel Ipa Clone

    my next beer: a clone of this thing: someone on northernbrewer has refracted the beer and found the FG to be under 1010, estimating the OG as 1073 (not 1092 as listed) Also I can't get tomahawk/columbus, so substituting chinook so...
  15. neonmeate

    Sugarcane Juice

    OK I have this idea in my head that I would like to brew with fresh sugarcane juice. I love the taste of jaggery (an unrefined Indian sugar), which is apparently raw sugarcane juice boiled down. And I've seen sugarcane at the local fruitmarket so obviously somebody is doing something with it...
  16. neonmeate

    Free Fridge - Leichhardt

    168 x 68 x 67 cm 420litre late 80s-vintage Westinghouse fridge in fashionable white could be yours. Turn up to my place before 10 June and you can have it - just supply your own ute or whatever. Goes great, will keep 50litres of beer at -3C no probs. rig it up with temp control and you'll be...
  17. neonmeate

    Cask Vs Bottle Conditioning

    i am tempted by doc's beer engine heist but i just wonder if it's necessary. is there really any significant difference (apart from buying into CAMRA propaganda) in bottle conditioning ales at low CO2 levels, and serving it on cask? i've thought through it and can't see any reason why beer...
  18. neonmeate

    Weyermann Malts

    Howdy, I put a post up about this yesterday but it disappeared?! odd. anyway, was wondering whether anyone knows if there's a source for Weyermann pils, vienna, munich malts anymore. They seem to have been replaced by Hoepfner at a couple of stores - I like the Hoepfner too but Weyermann was...