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  1. GuyQLD


    Why couldn't you use discord like a normal group and save me having to download another bloody app.
  2. GuyQLD

    Has the forum jumped the shark?

    How many times can you talk about fecking gladwrap vs an airlock? Reality is that brewing has been around 10,000 years. Going to run out of conversation material at some point. Usually at that point either the Off Topic get's a floggin or people leave. Personally I'm all for diversifying, and...
  3. GuyQLD

    Smoking Meat...

    Yeah mate, got em for free when I bought my Maverick temp monitor. They make short work of shredding the meat. As to process, forgive me for using Fahrenheit but I get most of my info from Americans and since my temp monitor is capable of both, I tend to do a lot in that system. I smoke at...
  4. GuyQLD

    Smoking Meat...

    And the aftermath.. with bonus wings.
  5. GuyQLD

    Smoking Meat...

    This thread needs more pork. 2.5Kg pork shoulder, all dressed up and ready to party. He's on the Webber now, so I'll post the after shots tonight.
  6. GuyQLD

    Goodbye Bronwyn

    Not sure what is more impressive, the punch of the fact he didn't go down.
  7. GuyQLD

    AG Pilsner in the keg is too strong and too bitter- what to add?

    Water is probably your best bet, it's not a style that'll take a lot of mickey-ing around real well. When I read the title my initial thought was "time" - shame you don't have the luxury, 2-3 months in the fridge and I think you'd be on to a winner. If you really have to serve it by this...
  8. GuyQLD

    Who owns or drives a VW Amarok?

    I love my Dmax, just don't touch the accessories the dealer try's to put on you. Absolute garbage. Izuzu Ute Aus (the company) have no idea what they're doing. Shame, because the truck is brilliant
  9. GuyQLD

    Continuing Rant Thread - Get it Off Ya Chest here

    What a load of bull.
  10. GuyQLD

    Unmalted Wheat And Barley - I Dont Get It.

    I've seen this mentioned (although not specifically in conjunction with Guinness) over on Ron Pattison's blog at certain times, taxes being on a per bushel rate. It changed a couple of times over the centuries to other, better methods but during this time using adjuncts obviously became popular...
  11. GuyQLD

    Terror suspect shot dead in Melbourne suburb.

    Except you can't afford bullets. Budget emergency remember?
  12. GuyQLD

    Finally finished the keezer build. 4 taps all fully stocked. I suppose I'd better start emptying...

    Finally finished the keezer build. 4 taps all fully stocked. I suppose I'd better start emptying them.
  13. GuyQLD

    Williamswarn Personal Brewery

    Like a Porsche guys, argument is clearly over. Like a Porsche.
  14. GuyQLD

    Well there's always "Don't order the fish"

    Well there's always "Don't order the fish"
  15. GuyQLD

    Funny Videos.... Any Topic

    What has been seen, cannot be unseen.
  16. GuyQLD


  17. GuyQLD

    No Topic Thread

    So did half my staff, was pretty messed up day yesterday.
  18. GuyQLD

    Typical porter hop profile?

    My only advice is don't be afraid to go a bit heavy on the hops; My porter bill had a fair wack of brown malt in it and I went with the lower range of hop values (to style... HAH!) and it was undrinkably sweet. I ended up tipping the lot, that was around 30IBU from memory. I think 50+ would...
  19. GuyQLD

    Do you talk to your yeast?

    Really Nev? I would have thought most strains of yeast would hold "Go forth and multiply" to be much more dear to their hearts than that verse.
  20. GuyQLD

    ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

    You can't really blame the charities though, not that i think anyone here is. Viral marketing and social media go hand in hand. It's like those idiotic coffee cups that donate a dollar to charity if you scan the QR code, or that hashtag bullshit meal for a meal thing. The idea of "easy" charity...