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    Lallemand Philly Sour yeast

    I couldn't find an existing thread in the yeast section, apologies if there is one... Anyone got experience with this? I brewed a 80% pils 20% sucrose test batch and threw 2 packs of philly sour on it at 25 degrees. After 6 days it's down to 1.010 and has a very nice tartness. Haven't tested...
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    No chill bladder (cube alternative)

    Has anyone got much experience with these? I used them for the first time for a double batch and they worked well. I often knockout 15L increments on my large system then dilute when I pitch...
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    WTB - fermenting fridge Newcastle

    Free or cheap would be much appreciated!
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    Free fermenting fridge - newcastle

    moving house and no longer needed. Works fine and fits a 60L fermenter. Please pm me if interested
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    BeerSmith 3 boiloff

    i normally brew 120L batches but just did a 80L batch. My mash eff was bang on but my knock out OG was under and volume over. I checked BS and the boil off is a fixed volume for the equipment rather than a percentage. How do people account for this? Setup another equipment profile or is there...
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    FS Newcastle - 120-160L electric 3v herms

    Time to downsize due to time and space constraints, very hesitant to sell but have decided I am not enjoying it as much as I used to. I picked up a smaller 1v and it is much easier for me to manage with the kids etc. 2 x 130L and a 170 stainless pots all bottom draining. Custom stainless false...
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    6 tap keezer - perlick 525 and gas manifold w collar

    freezer was purchased new for the build roughly 4 years ago. 6 x perlick 525ss taps in good condition, recently replaced all seals. Has A gas manifold with 7 outlets, the 7th is split to allow for carbing 2 kegs on the hump (fits 8 kegs). Needs a little tidy up but works perfectly, will...
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    Bits and pieces for sale newcastle

    I’m wanting to pick up a robobrew or similar for single batches and need to raise some funds. Have a stack of stainless valves, bolts, elbows etc which I will pull out and list. keg king mk ii pump with stainless housing which has never been used. $80 Auber ramp/soak pid barely used - $90...
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    Gluten Free - How far do I need to go

    Currently boiling a batch of sorghum extract, will add a little bit of honey at the end but want to make it as simple as possible and build on it from there. I would like to keg it and serve on tap but I am not sure if I would need to replace lines for that tap or not. It would depend on the...
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    Bulk Buy App

    instead of using a spreadsheet would there be any interest in a bulk buy app? I’m thinking some initial features: - post up a bulk buy in the app and it gives a B.B. id - post the Id on the forum, people then register interest through the app - as details and pricing emerge participants are...
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    licensed home brewery

    Would love to know how this got licensed...
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    Capturing chilling water and reusing

    Surprisingly I couldn't find much from a search... I regularly "no chill" without issue but am finding the need to chill some times for various reasons. I hate wasting 300L+ of water to chill 100L of wort, does anyone reclaim the chilling water for use in cleaning or even brewing etc? My garden...
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    WTB: Rhizomes in Newcastle

    Asking for a friend, not sure of what time of year they are available or what is suited to growing in Newcastle (Buladelah)
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    Kegbot (flow meter and digital taplist) project

    I got tired of kegs kicking at inconvenient times, I had some arduinos laying around and I am a bit of a nerd so thought I would make a kegbot system. It is a small server running on either a raspberry pi, linux machine or a tablet. An arduino board connects to the server and the flow meters...
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    WTB - CO2 and reg + keezer or chesty - Newcastle

    Wanting to build a new setup for work and I hate gumtree. Looking to fit 4 taps + 1 carbing
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    Free 15L cubes and handipails - Newcastle

    I've found a source for free 20L cubes so will gradually replace my 15's. They also have handipails that I can get for free if anyone wants them. I'll keep the source to myself for now until I have enough 20L cubes (only one a fortnight available) but if anyone wants 15's or handipails let...
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    Well I am pretty stoked with the BrewPiLess fermentation controller on the D1 mini. I was tinkering with the craftbeerpi controller on a RPi I have and thought I'd do a quick search for Arduino controllers. I am aware of Laels/Mathos/Brauduino controllers but understand they do not have wifi...
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    Recipe with what I have - was thinking a mild

    I'm moving house and would like to clear out some stock and start fresh once I set the brewery up at the new place. Batch size 120L edit: BH Eff is 75% I have about 15kg of base malt - mainly BB ale with some MO and some Pilsner malt Other malts Dark Crystal .65kg JW Crystal .25kg brown malt...
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    Large scale equipment (500L +)

    I got an introduction to a bloke who has access to ex lab/dairy equipment. I am looking for someone who may have experience piecing something together or someone who has a clue what this stuff is as I don't. Also I can get an old simons boiler for free, needs a fair bit of work. Anyone know...
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    No Chill Helles - Top up water?

    I did a no chill Helles as a concentrated no chill (I only have 15L cubes). I will need to top it up with water prior to pitching, I am assuming tap water would be risky or may introduce flavours unwanted in a clean beer. Should I use bottled water?