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  1. GuyQLD

    Shortest time till krausen dropped

    Did a bit of a google last night but couldn't find anything on the topic. I pitched two fermenters on Sunday night, one with 1098 and one with 1084 and both have done the same thing. I know I pitched slightly warm at around 22 degrees and both smack packs were about 1 month old, so they swelled...
  2. GuyQLD

    Downgrading to 3V from BIAB tips'n'tricks wanted

    Or Upgrading, depends on your fancy I suppose. Managed to scorch my bag yesterday, bag split and was a bitch to salvage the brew. I'm growing increasingly frustrated about the limitations of BIAB and every time I want to do something that's even slightly more adventurous, it becomes a fairly...
  3. GuyQLD

    Bayou Classic pots from the US

    Hi all, Was looking for an upgrade to my 37L Al pot and was having trouble sourcing a keg to convert. Was after something Stainless and bigger but without a huge price tag. Ended up looking over seas and found the Bayou stuff - and it had one advantage over almost everything else I looked at...
  4. GuyQLD

    Irish Red - The beer style that isn't a beer style

    Well with St Patties day all of 4-5 weeks away and me not being a lover of stouts I decided I'd revisit one of my early all grain forays and brew an Irish Red. On a side note I did a bit of research on the origins of this style and the sad reality is..... The famous Irish Red is really a...
  5. GuyQLD

    Line Balance Problems

    Hey all, After hours of research I've given up. I can't get this beer to pour properly. While I work on my collar and get some capital for some taps I'm just running a single keg. But I can't get the damned thing to pour anything but foam. Using a Micromatic gauge, and 5mm ID flexmaster lines...
  6. GuyQLD

    Upgrading My Brew Rig

    So as I sit in throat infected misery (third time in 2 months, not getting old at all) I'm scrounging the internet looking for info for upgrading my rig. I'm a bit torn, currently I BIAB and no chill but the lure of 3V is out there. Luckily, I don't currently have space to go to anything...
  7. GuyQLD

    Biab Process Inconsistency

    Morning all, About 5 batches in so far and I can't begin to describe how frustrating it's been trying to get my gear dialled in. I've been crunching some numbers in excel as well as googling a fair bit but with so much of BIAB information being based on the individual and their gear, consistent...
  8. GuyQLD

    Strange "break" Material In Fermenter

    Ok now I'm just getting annoyed. This is the second time I've tried to make Smurto's JS Golden Ale and both times the wort has done strange things too me. First time I chalked it up to some rogue yeast in the fermenter and blamed myself for it but this time I hit everything with so much...
  9. GuyQLD

    Bulk Priming Gone Bad - Yeast Has Restarted

    Hey guys, Just when you think you're getting on top of things and you finally have some clue of what you're doing this hobby slaps you in the face with a sack of door nobs and tells you to GTFO. Long story short. Was brewing again today because a mate shouted the grain bill and since my other...
  10. GuyQLD

    How Quickly Does Bitterness Fade

    Hey guys, Have had a boonies LCPA clone in the fermenter for about 4 weeks which I bottled a week ago and in a moment of inebriated creativity I decided to sample one well before it was ready. Now if you're wondering why it was in the fermenter for that long it's because I bollocksed up the...
  11. GuyQLD

    Understanding Specialty Grains - Irish Red Ale

    Hey all, I had a bit of a search through and found numerous variations on the Irish Red theme so finding a recipe isn't the hard part. My question is more about understanding what I'm getting into. So far I've made a handful of KnK's with the odd hops addition but I quickly found that yeast /...