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    Braumeister - Tips & Tricks

    Leaving the malt pipe over a bowl to drain til near the end of the boil will always result in at least a litre or 2 to add back. Could this not bring on infections?
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    Excess grain

    prob year old and stored in air tight containers... if any one wants a kilo here or there just pm me and can sort something out. can be picked up from port melbourne during business hrs if helps any one
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    Excess grain

    Have to clear some room in the shed so i've got the following for sale, pick up from Altona Meadows vic. JW amber 9.5kgs Wey carared 7kgs Best Melanoidin 5.4kgs Simpsons Brown malt 7.2kgs Rolled barley 3kgs Flaked corn 3kgs Flaked rice 4.4kgs JW caramalt 10kgs JW choc 10kgs...
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    50L braumeister for sale.

    how about I help you out by swapping my 20l for your 50l, less to move.....
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    Was just at liqourland and it looks like coles has started brewing or more like it getting someone else to brew steamrail amber golden and something else i cant recall. The only thing that gave it away was the address on the bottle which is their head office. Does anyone know who is producing it...
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    Introducing The Park Hotel

    what a great venue! Awesome range on tap and bottle, staff and management all knew they're beers. Cant wait to go back... Pizzas are damn fine too
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    How Much Did You Brew 2012?

    too much but also not enough...
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    Bottling Mead

    my presumption would be yes due to oxidisation but happy for others to tell me i'm wrong....
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    Brew Masters 7:30pm Tues On Discovery

    Picked one up down here for $5 too!
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    Cider Kit (black Rock) With Xtra Malt,sucrose And A Sg Of 1200! Is

    i'd leave it, the yeasties will get through it.... 1/2 a kilo of lactose for 18 liters is a fair whack in my opinion
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    Gage Roads Pumpkin Ale

    can anyone recommend a good commercial pumpkin ale?
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    Melbourne Pub Wanted

    josie bones for sure. beer list is thicker than the bible and food good too....
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    Noob Cider Homebrewer

    Add lactose powder to the juice before the yeast, I add about 350 gm's to 20 liter's and its prob on par with strongbow sweet sweetness
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    I Think I've Hurt My Yeasties?

    I presume you have checked the current gravity?
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    New(ish) Coopers Clear Fermenter

    only problems i find with mine is the seal around the tap leaks a bit when bottling and the tap seems to be set fairly high as well, need to put a phone book under the back of the fermenter to get the last 8 liters... never had an infection.
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    Dry July

    Congratulations also to everyone, personally I only made it three weeks as was dragged down to see the mother in law. Thought being back on was better than man/mother in law slaughter charges....