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    Bellevue Kriek

    I tired this beer at the Belgian beer cafe on the weekend, and was one of the best beers I must say I have ever tried, though GMK's Boston cream ale is still right up there. Crisp, tart and refreshing, and didnt get overpowering after 5 or so. However, what bottlo would I get this beer from? I...
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    Hello Boys

    Hi guys! Have I missed much? I've been off doing things with cars and hotrods and holding off on the brewing, somewhat due to the waistline, but may drop a couple of barrels of cider down soon. Hows everyone been? GMK you still alive?
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    Old Rosie Cider

    15L Apple Juice 3L Dark Grape Juice 3L Apple & Pear mixed Juice 1kg Dark Brown Sugar 4 Pureed Golden Delicious Apples 4 punnets pureed sweet camarosa strawberries 1 punnet pureed blueberries(optional as they are 7 bucks a punnet) 1 can of pureed pears(Bi-Lo's best) mix her up and add some S04...
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    New Coopers Beer

    Hi everyone, not sure if you guys know yet, but coopers seems to be bringing out a new beer Coopers Mild Ale @ 3.5% alcohol I guess its there to compete against mid strength brews and the like. cheers pr1me
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    Heineken Beertender

    Found out about this at work. Heineken beertender Looks a pretty schmick device. You buy 4L mini kegs from heineken and just plug them in, wonder if i can get my homebrew into it...
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    Area For Comps

    hey guys, would it be an idea to arrange an area of the forum just to post current/upcomming brewing competitions & results that people at AHB have gotten? Would be good also so interstate members if they wished could enter into competitions that they otherwise wouldnt be aware of.
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    Dry Cider Recipe

    Real easy this one, and a nice dry crisp taste. 19 liters of apple juice 3 litres of grape 1 litre boiling water 1.5kg honey grumpys champagne yeast bulk prime with 180 - 200g of honey 2 weeks primary ferment, racked and immediately bottled in glass. OG 1.070 FG 1.000 Result Extremely dry...
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    Help With My Car!

    Hey guys, anyone familiar with how to remove a standard 2din CD player from an AU2 Falcon console?? Its got four holes which according some guy in the ford-tech forums are used to remove it, and recommended using four pieces of coat hanger wire and should only take a couple minutes to remove...
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    Hefeweizen Clone

    Hey guys, im considering doing a Schoffenhoffer Hefeweizen clone, I believe i know which wyeast to get for it, but does anyone have a recipe for it? Preferrbly a non AG recipe, as I dont have the kit for it. <_<
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    Booze Trek

    Hey folks, had a great day today and went on a winery tour of mclaren vale and the barossa. Spent way too much as usual, but managed to pick up a beautiful 200 litre french oak barrel today for 145 bucks. Its had spirits in it rather then wine, so it should be fine to add character to whatever...
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    Latest Cider Blend

    considering how well the black death scrumpy is coming along, i thought I would share the recipe. 16 liters of apple juice(preservative free) 3 litres of dark grape juice(as above) 100 - 200ml of lemon juice(berri lemon squeeze is fine) 1 bottle of blackberry or blueberry puree(available at...
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    No More Breaking Glass!

    I have got to get one of these...
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    If You Heard Loud Prophanities In Your State...

    It was just me breaking my hydrometer... :angry: :angry: :angry: what a way to comemorate my 100th post.... maybe at number 200 ill have some form of alcohol based fire in the shed.
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    Commercial Beer Kegs

    Hey guys, one of my mates reckons he can fix me up with commercial stainless steel used empty beer kegs for a low price(perhaps free if i weep and beg) but im wondering can these be used for home brew? If not can they be adapted? should i be bothering? im seriously looking at going to keg...
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    Building While Brewing... Bad

    Today im building a bench..... today im bottling my fermented apricot nectar.... these together cause: crapulent angles unlikely combinations of wood and steel cuts bruises a bench that looks like a greased kim beasley made a porno movie ontop of and didnt straighten afterwards.... :unsure...
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    Looks Like A Face Hugger To Me

    >They run 10 mph, jump three feet, are a nocturnal spider, so only come >out at night unless they are in shade. When they bite you, you are >injected with Novocain so you go numb instantly. You don't even know you >are bitten when you are sleeping, so you wake up with part of your leg >or...
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    Hey folks, went up to grumpys on the weekend and bought one of those oztops kits for turning juice into quick moonshine.... i left some pure apple and apple/grape mix with the yeasites for two days... and jesus does it make a nice brew in a short time, for extremely little elbow work too...
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    Good News, Bad News...

    The Good News: well i grabbed the fridge from my mothers house, which will eventually become my brew fridge... a lovely 1960's General Motors Fridgidair, looks a treat, is relatively clean, and the door lock still works on it. The Bad News: The seals are buggered, needs some(about the size of a...
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    My New Labels

    just thought i'd share. The buggered parrot brewery is in operation :P :D
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    All Together Now...

    happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday dear pr1me. happy birthday to me. :D