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    FS (Wollongong) Blichmann 53L Fermenator, 57L Boilermaker, Hop Rocket & March Pumps

    Hi Folks, I still have a few bits and pieces for sale if anyone is interested: 1. Blichmann Fermenator 53L with SS extension legs, SS wheels, blow off valve - $800 2. Blichmann 57L Boilermaker - $350...
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    Blichmann Mash Tun & Kettle 76l, Top Tier Stand, and 50l Braumeister + mill + fermenters, SS fermenter, March Pumps

    Hi folks, I'm selling my Blichmann mash tun and kettle if anyone is interested on FB, a Blichmann top tiers stand, and a package deal on a Braumeister. I am in the Illawarra. I'll be listing up some other gear later today/over the weekend including beer fridge & Co2, and whatever else I find...
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    FS: Blichmann HLT, fridge, fermenters, 9kg lpg WOLLONGONG

    Hi all, I've had to sadly drastically reduce production and so I've decided to start offloading some superfluous gear I no longer need. 15 gallon Blichmann HLT - $500. This comes with a HERMS coil (the lid has 2 holes in it for the coil. The lid has a decent dent in it but sits flush)...
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    Beer fridge, 3 Kegs, Gas

    A mate of mine is offloading his Keg Mate, 3 corny kegs, gas etc in the Illawarra area. All the gear was purchased from Northern Brew and includes non return valves.
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    Speidel Braumeister Wing Nut 50L

    After a recent move I've lost the wing nut. Does anyone know what size it is for the 50L centre pole? I found a thread from a few years ago saying the 20L is a 12X1.75 metric thread, does anyone know if they are the same size?
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    Illawarra Brewing Co. Big Brother Double IPA

    I had some of the Illawarra Brewing Co.'s Big Brother Double IPA over the weekend and would rate it as the best commercial Double IPA I've had that's been made in Australia. I'd highly recommend it to any hop heads if you can get your hands on some, I'll be getting a few growlers of it during...
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    FS MT - Blichmann 57l, 70l Kettle, 40l Urn

    I've been meaning to sell this stuff for a while and am only now getting around to it. PM for a price. Pick up only, cash only and I'd prefer to sell the lot together but it's not essential. On the left is the Blichmann mash tun. It's 15 Galon (57 litres). It has a mid-mounted thermometer...
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    March Pump 809 Pl-hs Replacement Head

    I had a bit of an accident yesterday and the head of my March pump snapped after falling on the ground. Does anyone know where you can get a replacement from in Australia (I prefer to keep my money local if it's an option)?
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    Talking Yeast With Wyeast Labs

    I just watched this video on yeast, looks pretty informative and something that I'm going to have a look at more than once.
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    Bush Tucker - Strawberry Gum

    I saw this Strawberry Gum stuff on a bush tucker site and was wondering if anyone had used it in a brew? I'm thinking of maybe using some in a wheat beer at about flameout, or maybe in a sour.
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    Crony Keg Advice

    I need to replace an O ring on the gas inlet to a corny keg but can't get it to budge. I'm using a basic tap spanner and can undo the beer valve no problems. I'm out of WD40 and have tried soaking it in hot water. Has anyone got any ideas how I might be able the valve off (preferably without a...