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  1. pbrosnan

    Latest Non-beer Gear Purchase

    Hi all, Just had this delivered from a mob in SA called UCook. It's a gas fired smoker. I've been inspired after our all-meat tour of the US earlier this year. Anyone else got one or similar kit? Going to smoke some brisket this weekend, storm permitting of course.
  2. pbrosnan

    Where's The Best Place To Get Camlocs

    Hi all, I camloced the brewery a while back but the fittings were rubbish, didn't close properly and I went back to garden connectors. Where's the best place to get decent ones? Mine were aluminium and the place I bought them from had SS but I can't find it, it was online. Any camloc users out...
  3. pbrosnan

    Electric Kettle Project

    Hi all, Here's a couple of pics of an electric kettle I built using one of the Winequip 100L tanks. It's powered by two elements, a 3.6 and 2.4k. ATM I can only mash up to about 35L and it takes about 15mins with both elements on to get to a rolling boil after which I can shut down one of the...
  4. pbrosnan

    Recent Us Beer Experience

    Hi all, Spent about 3 weeks in the US with the family. I never get over the range and diversity of the US craft beer market, and of course the availability and price. Here's a (incomplete) list of what I had, all were very good unless specified. The US obsession with hops continues, and I don't...
  5. pbrosnan

    Element Sizing For Electric Kettle

    Hi all, I'm thinking about going up to a larger system, may be 100L. I thought I saw somewhere some information about sizing electric elements for a given volume of liquid. Anyone have an insights? cheers Patrick.
  6. pbrosnan

    Anyone Fancy The New Moo Brew?

    It's an imperial stout but I'm afraid it's a bit out of my league, $600/carton or $100/4 pack if ordered from the brewery. Pity, Moorilla make good beer. Moo Brew Stout
  7. pbrosnan

    Stupid Urn Question

    Hi all, I could have sworn that I was looking at an urn a few months ago that had a 15A 3.6K rating. I've been back to and looked at Birko and Crown but they all seem to be 10A 2.6k. Did I dream it? Anyone else see this?
  8. pbrosnan

    How Big Can A Herms Get

    Hi all, My current system consists of a 36Lt cylindrical esky and 2 30Lt urns, one for HL and the other is the kettle. I have a 20Lt urn that I use as the heat exchanger for the HERMS. I've had this setup for a few years and I feel the itch to upscale. Question is how big can a HERMS get. Could...
  9. pbrosnan

    Is Beer Too Expensive?

    Hi all, Always good to have a whinge about the price of Austrlalian craft brewed beer so I'll indulge myself. I received an email from the Micro Beer Club telling me that they've got a limited release Mad Abott Dubbel and Tripel for sale. So I was seriously thinking of buying some ... until I...
  10. pbrosnan

    American Brown With Belgian Twist

    Hi all, I've just done a dubbel using 3522 so I thought I'd throw this on to it: 101 Recipe Specifics ---------------- Batch Size (L): 27.00 Wort Size (L): 27.00 Total Grain (kg): 8.35 Anticipated OG: 1.078 Plato: 18.84 Anticipated SRM...
  11. pbrosnan

    Monster Mill Problems

    Hi all, Been using my 2 roller MM for about 12 months (12 or so brews). All was fine up until last brew. I started up the motor and began to fill the hopper. I quickly noticed that the level of grain in the hopper wasn't dropping. After some investigation (i.e. taking off the hopper and sundry...
  12. pbrosnan

    Cooling Recir Problems

    Hi all, I recirculate the wort after the boil through a MashMaster plate chiller. The problem is that after a short period of time (i.e. 5 mins) the flow is contricted down to little more than a trickle. The cause is hop debri clogging up the outlet in the kettle. I recently installed a...
  13. pbrosnan

    2009 Prbs - Rule Change

    Hi all, Have received the rules for this years PRBS and note that at section 6.2 the requirements are now for not less than 6 bottles having a total volume of not less that 1.98ml. This looks like they are wanting 6 330 ml bottles. This is a PITA as I have a number of brews ready to enter...
  14. pbrosnan

    2008 Cherry Harmony Festival Comp - Wa

    Hi all, The comp in Manjimup is on again. Not long to prepare though entry forms in by 28/11/08 and entries by 9/12/08. Perth people can deliver to Roy at TWOC. See the attachments for rules and entry form
  15. pbrosnan

    Wells Bombardier Recipe

    Hi all, Been drinking a bit of this lately after purchasing a carton on the cheap. Was thinking of having a go at a clone. The Wells' site says Challenger and Goldings with pale and crystal malts so no surprises there. The question is what yeast? I use Wyeast and have never really been happy...
  16. pbrosnan

    Mill Mounting Designs

    Hi all, Have recently taken delivery of a Monster Mill as part of the bulk buy. Have had it on the corner of my desk for a couple of days and I've found it induces a Zen-like state as one searchs for the perfect mill design. But that's too time consuming so I was hoping that people would be...
  17. pbrosnan

    Plate Chiller With Thermo Pic

    Hi all, I just received a stub thermo from BeerBelly to mount on to my plate chiller (bought from MM when it was still under development) and I recall seeing a pic around here of said thermo mounted on the plate chiller. Trouble is I don't think the topic referred to the pic so searching has...
  18. pbrosnan

    Wa: Norword Demolition

    Todays Worst says that the Town of Vincent has approved the demolition of the Norwood Hotel on Lord Street. This is a bloody disgrace, it was built in 1898 and would have made a fine watering hole if properly restored. This part of town is devoid of pubs and it stinks that some greedy bloody...
  19. pbrosnan

    Staines Fights Back

    Hi all, Interesting story in the SMH regarding the new ad campaign being run by the SA gov't in the UK to encourage more settlers. It includes a bit of a swipe at the locality of Staines (chosen because of its nasty name). However Staines has proven rather stubborn: "Andrew Hirst, the Mayor...
  20. pbrosnan

    How Clear Is Your Beer

    Hi all, Was both stunned and amazed when I poured a sample bottle of this. It's a Czech pilsener but, for an unfiltered beer, very clear. Any opinions?