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    Cheap Font Tower Idea

    Not the cheapest way unless you've got some of the bits lying around. Thought I'd share. U Brewit Tower Three tap tower $50 plus cost of taps. Ebay double font tower $100 plus cost of taps. OR Woolworths Oats S/S toilet brush $12. Cut holes for 1 to 3 taps, screw through S/S base to top of...
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    Need Help

    A while ago Cocko, Tony or Chappo I think posted a pic of a small jet plane submerged in a swimming pool with the comment "I asked the bastards to wash it, or to that effect. It was posted in reponse to attending a brew day interstate as the reason for not being able to make it. I need this pic...
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    Not So Super Infection

    :icon_vomit: Well I've not had an infection for a number of years so I guess I had to go all out! Did Boonie's LCPA and was not happy that the US05 had done the job, so rather than rouse it I pitched a packet of Cooper's International yeast and a second packet of Cooper's standard yeast...
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    How Do I Make A Low Alc Low Carb Cider

    Well I've been charged by the wife to make a mid strength 3.5% low carb dry cider. Now with a blackrock kit it would be too easy, halve the fermentables and either use dry enzyme or choose a particular yeast. However, I've been making the wife's cider with straight apple/pear Berry juice with...
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    Disassembly Of Old Cub Fonts

    I have two of what I believe are the old CUB fonts. I'm wishing to take the cubed head (that the taps screw into) off of the font tower to replace beer lines and fully clean and service. Looking for advice from those that have done this. I'm assuming it will be a normal right hand thread or...