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    Brewers Round Tamworth New England Northern Plains

    Hi blokes, I'm a newb in Armidale. Mostly just a partial. I'm interested to know if anyone is trying to grow hops in Armidale. I grew a few varieties last year but my Cascade was the only one that did any good. Do you blokes know any varieties that do well?
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    Newb Needs Advice: Which Yeast For First Sour?

    Hi folks, newb question: I've got a a very basic extract ale (3kg malt + 1kg of dex + 40g of Saaz @60min) sitting in a secondary and want to sour it (my first). (I've already got overexcited and dumped a can of cherries (300g?) and some roasted oak chips (about 20g) into it). Now i need to...
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    Wanted: Keggle Or Similar (in North Sydney)

    Hi Folks, im looking for a keggle or similar to advance my brewing beyond the 19 litre pot i currently use, anybody got anything out there? im visiting family on the the north shore for christmas so if you are located around this area that would be convenient.