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  1. J

    No Chill cubes

    Having read another post on a UK forum about no chill cubes (I've used these for most of my AG brews) Was wondering how long people have left the wort in the cube for? I usually brew the beer put into a cube, let it cool to room temp around 24 hours then transfer into a fermenter and pitch the...
  2. J


    Hi guys, Im a member of a few home brew forums mainly UK based ones where I live. But found this after researching the GrainFather. Not been brewing long around 4 years but love it! Cheers Jay
  3. J

    My website

    Hi guys, after a drunken birthday night i purchased a web domain and space, with no web building experience; was born! It has everything home brew related on it including some recipes and it features my pub shed 'The Dog House' which i built to drink my home brew...