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  1. Brewer_010

    40L crown urn for sale CANBERRA

    Selling my urn as I bought a braumeister a while ago and havent used the urn since. Australia made. Concealed element. Great for BIAB. Selling $160 negotiable Excellent condition inside and out, see link...
  2. Brewer_010

    Beer Won't Carbonate

    Hey I wonder if someone might have some ideas. I kegged a weizen last week and force carbed it like I usually do, max pressure, shaking/rolling on the floor for ~1 min then left the gas on 30psi for about 24 hours (this carbs my beers up normally). When I took a sample a few days later it was...
  3. Brewer_010

    First Use Of False Bottom

    Having a bit of a rant. After about a year of BIAB-ing I finally got spare time / cash together and got a mash tun and a false bottom and have just put my first brew through it, a dunkelweizen. Months and months of getting the shits with 60-65% efficiency with BIAB I ran my brew through today...
  4. Brewer_010

    Advice Please - Crush The Oats?

    I'm putting ~10% oats into a stout (next weekish) and have flaked oats to use - do I run these through the mill with the rest of the grain or leave as is? Thinking that it makes sense to crush, otherwise it will be a frikken mess, but on the other hand...?? Thanks in advance!
  5. Brewer_010

    Wai-iti Hops : Anyone Used & Them What Results?

    I've got some of these new hops and planning on an APA using them as a flavour and aroma addition. Grain bill is simple, 90% pale malt with 10% cara-amber with the following hop schedule (2.8% AAU hops): 30g 40mins 30g 20mins 30g 10mins however this only gives me around 16.5 IBUs whereas I'm...
  6. Brewer_010

    6kg Co2 Bottle For Sale Canberra

    I've got an aluminium CO2 gas bottle for sale. I had this while I lived in Sydney but now I'm in Canberra I'm renting bottles through BOC. Details are: - bought new from Speed Gas in 2005 (they are in Manly Vale, Sydney) - bottle needs to be retested in 2014 - holds 6kg gas - very good...
  7. Brewer_010

    What Styles Have You Brewed In 2009?

    So what styles have you brewed this year? I have made: Dry stouts Altbier Porter American Amber Ale IPA Australian Ale Pilsner Ordinary Bitters Weizen (next week) Probably not all true to (BJCP) style, but broadly based on them anyway. 2010 will be a whole blank slate of potential brews :) .
  8. Brewer_010

    RecipeDB - Drought Draught

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  9. Brewer_010

    For Sale Act - Half Pint Glasses

    For Sale [Canberra] I have 20 x 285mL half pint glasses that I have no use for. $1 each as many as you want. They're in as-new condition; a solid, dimpled beer mug.
  10. Brewer_010

    Coopers Stout

    I have a can of coopers stout that my wife bought with the groceries What can I do with it to make an ok roasty stout to around 15L (I'm considering using it for cooking, I have a recipe for a guiness and cheese pie that is to die for :icon_drool2: )
  11. Brewer_010

    Wanted: Grain Mill In Canberra Under $100

    I need a grain mill (corona type ok) soonish if anyone's got one spare, getting a new one etc etc I'm interested in picking one up if in good condition Canberra ACT will pick up cheers
  12. Brewer_010

    Weyermann Malt Extracts

    Stumbled across this product on the craftbrewer website....look interesting for extract and partial brewers. Has anyone used them yet and what are their comments? Is 4kg worth $50 (which would buy a lot of grain)? A description example is thus: MUNICH AMBER * light brown, unhopped...
  13. Brewer_010

    Fresh Wort Kits In Canberra?

    Does anyone in the ACT know where to buy a fwk in Canberra that doesn't cost $55? There's a HBS in Kambah but man it's expensive compared to Sydney :o !
  14. Brewer_010

    Chocolate Stout

    If there are any experienced stout brewers out there that can help me with a chocolate stout please. I have put together this recipe after looking at some on this site plus in 'Beer Captured'. What I'm after is a pretty hefty stout with lots of chocolate & coffee flavour, some crystal...
  15. Brewer_010

    Bledisloe Cup

    Nice to see a strong Haka backed up by a solid performance on the paddock, top marks for the All Blacks for digging in and defending their (and their country's) dignity.
  16. Brewer_010

    Coffee Stout

    I am planning on brewing a coffee stout and I'm not sure of when to add my freshly brewed espresso (thinking ~300mL to 20L). Some questions I have are: Do I boil it for 5 mins to kill any bugs? Should it be added to secondary or primary (what about infections)? Is there a specialty grain that...
  17. Brewer_010

    Free 750ml Bottles

    I have around 70 longneck bottles in really good nick. I'm moving house after easter and dont want to take them, so if any local person (or visitor) wants them they are free to pick up. Bottles are in Sussex Inlet NSW. Please PM me if interested, cheers.
  18. Brewer_010

    Urgent Advice Please!

    I have seen a few weevils in the grain I'm crushing for a brew tonight. :angry: Will the crushed weevils affect the fermenting process/beer at all, even after a 60min mash & 60min boil? Or will they just add a little more protein? Thanks guys :)
  19. Brewer_010

    New Fridge From Aldi - $329

    For them that's interested: Saw brand new fridge/freezers in ALDI for $329 today. Looks to be around 240L and will fit at least two 19L kegs inside. I actually thought it was perfect for a fermenting fridge, with lots of space for a 60L fermenter and other bits. Not sure if its in all ALDI...
  20. Brewer_010

    RecipeDB - Nelson Sauvin Ale

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