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  1. J

    Muntons Flagon Ale Malt

    Has anybody had a try of the Muntons grains that are starting to turn up around Sydney? I am thinking of buying a bag of the Flagon, which I am told is a Maris Otter blend????????? & 1/2 bag of Mild Ale Malt. First up will be 100% flagon in my house ale, followed by a 70-30 split with the mild...
  2. J

    St Peter's Brewery, Sydney.

    I just received a fax from my smart-arsed mate spruiking his new website A good beer perve! Catch ya Jimbo
  3. J

    A Chance To Build Your Own Brewery

    For some of us this could be as close as we get to opening our own brewery Just trying to keep the alive James
  4. J

    4pines Kolsch

    OK I am starting to become emotionally attached to this beer so the question needs to be asked, is this the best micro-brewed beer in Sydney? If not, what is? I will leave you to it Thanks James
  5. J

    Sydney Royal Fine Food Show (beer) Great to see so many local (Sydney) breweries getting amongst the medals. 4Pines Kolsch gets a Gold Medal, this could well be the best tap beer in Sydney! James
  6. J

    Lets Start Something

    There is no longer a C.U.B. brewery in NSW, yet pubs & bottle shops are stocked to the brim with C.U.B. products. The freight costs & pollution increase as those huge "B" Doubles tear along our streets & highways. Now we all know we can not stop those massive trucks, what I propose is a small...
  7. J

    The Hive Bar

    I have been enjoying the range of beers the Hive has on tap for a while now. Very low on Beer Miles. Only about $4.50 a schooner which is great value when compared to what others are charging up the street. Good pizza's & friendly staff who are actually interested in the beers they sell. The...
  8. J

    American Barley, Does It Get To Oz?

    I have been reading through some old books & have a few questions regarding U.S grown barley. Do we have U.S grown barley available in Australia? UK & Europe Yes, so far I can not find any U.S. If so where is it hiding? Have any of the more experienced brewers used any U.S grown barley? Yes...
  9. J

    Farb Malz

    I posted this question in another thread & got the following response Well it seems I may have to make my own luck, or indeed my own Farb Malz ! Does anybody use this particular grain regularly? I asked a very grumpy commercial brewer who said they had used it in Black Lagers, but no longer...
  10. J

    Freekah......anybody Used It Yet?

    I heard a couple of guys come in & ask about this grain when I was at my local HBS this morning. Got a roll of the eyes from the guy behind the counter who muttered something that sounded like "propeller heads". Came home & Googled it & it appears to be a traditional middle-eastern wheat that is...
  11. J

    100% Vienna Malt Brew

    I have some JW Vienna Malt that seems pretty nice & tasty to munch on while I am stuffing around with the roller spacing on my Barley Crusher. I am thinking of a 100 % Vienna grain bill, I may lightly toast 400g's of it also. Probably fuggles all the way as there is no shortage of that here at...
  12. J

    Bathurst Show Kit Vs Mash

    Once again it is great to see this comp keeps powering along. Always interested in the number of kit beers that out score the elitist mash snobs ;) it is almost enough to make you throw out your mash tun..........almost :P Well done to all concerned James
  13. J

    What A Tragic Loss To The Nrl

    Over the years we have lost some players to the pommie super-league, but the loss of Nathan Brown is tragic. We need more people like him coaching inthe NRL in 2009 James Brown opens can over Storm tactics Seeing red: Nathan Brown unleashed on the Storm's controversial techniques. Photo...
  14. J

    Message To The Australian Public

    MESSAGE TO THE AUSTRALIAN PUBLIC The federal government is sending each and every one of us a $600 rebate. If we spend that money at K-Mart, the money will go to China. If we spend it on petrol it will go to the Arabs, If we purchase a computer or a digital camera it will go to Taiwan, If...
  15. J

    Alemaster Zymopure

    Has any body heard of these liquid yeasts? I was reading a book that mentioned them, but I have scored a big zero in my search for more info. I googled, I rang a couple of HBS but nothing. All I know is that they are from England (yet not all ale strains, they have a mix of continental strains)...
  16. J

    No-rinse Sanitiser

    OK so just to be safe I will be putting beer on my Corn-Flakes. I thought they used a no-rinse steriliser like Iodophor! James PhysiCAL no-fat milk recalled Monday Dec 24 22:07 AEDT A Queensland-produced no-fat milk product has been recalled amid fears that traces of sanitiser found in some...
  17. J

    Nottingham Dry Yeast Vs Wlp039 Nottingham Ale

    Anybody here done a side by side( :beer: ), or used both of the Nottingham Dry yeast & White Labs Nottingham Ale,WLP039. I am thinking of doing a few ales then some darks on the liquid version. I haven't seen the dried version in Sydney, although I know it must be around somewhere! Any type of...
  18. J

    Kegs On-line

    Found these guys Nice looking gear & prices, better than anybody else in Sydney. Anybody got gear from them, they seem a little skinny on contact details? James
  19. J


    Usage instructions: Add 5 10gms polyclar (23L batch) to half a cup of freshly boiled water. (For maximum efficiency the polyclar slurry should be stirred for minimum 15 minutes, preferably 60 minutes & kept agitated until used) Add slurry to cold conditioning beer. (The colder the beer the...
  20. J

    Lpg Cylinder Prices

    OK how about we list the names & addresses of the Swap & Go and also refill places that AHB members are using around Oz. Sydney Metro Petroleum Forestville 9kg $30 which is supposed to be a set price for all Swap & Go centres. They give a 6c per litre fuel discount voucher as well.