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  1. rowanb

    Andale Snaplok celli adaptor

    Hi all, I saw the following item in the Andale equipment. Any idea what this would be for. Since it is in the 'below bar' section, I assume it wouldn't be for fitting a tap to a font. 0020111 SNAPLOK CELLI ADAPTOR
  2. rowanb

    Molson Coors coming to Griffith

    Article from this morning's Sydney Morning Herald OCTOBER 02, 2013 - 3:00 AM ARTICLE 15 OF 20 Froth and bubble: John Casella, from grapes to hops. Photo: Paul Harris Coke gears up for its new brew venture ELI GREENBLAT The first tankers of beer from US brewer Molson Coors have been dispatched...
  3. rowanb

    Coopers Stout At The Petersham Inn

    Hi all - it's been on tap for a wee while now but worth a reminder. The Petersham Inn (Sydney, Parramatta Rd, not far from the Norton St turnoff to Leichhardt ) has coopers stout on tap. They tell me they sell at least twice as much of this as the previous dark, so I hope it stays around...
  4. rowanb

    For Sale - 40 Litre Birko Urn, Beerbelly Bulkhead & Pickup

    I have a 40 litre birko urn, exposed element, along with beerbelly bulkhead and beerbelly pickup. Pictures here. Please note minor damage around control dial, where it has been pushed in - hasn't affected performance and I've boiled 12+ 5 gallon batches. For sale - $120 - pickup from...
  5. rowanb

    For Sale - 10 Gallon/36 Litre Mash Tun

    I have a surplus mash tun for sale. It comprises a 10 gallon/36 litre rubbermaid cooler, bulkhead and stainless false bottom. It is 2 years old, has been cleaned with pbw following each brew and works fine. The inside is scratched from my mash paddle, but there are no warps or fractures, and...
  6. rowanb

    For Sale - Immersion Chiller

    I have a surplus immersion chiller for sale, originally purchased from morebeer It is 1 and a half years old, has been cleaned after each brew (washed not soaked in pbw), works fine and is undamaged. See album for images. For sale, $100, including an unused recirculation arm (as described...
  7. rowanb

    Unused 36 Litre Rubbermaid Cooler

    I have an unused 36 litre rubbermaid cooler purchased from Grain and Grape I don't need it and am selling for $150. Pickup from Stanmore, Sydney. PM if interested. thanks rowan
  8. rowanb

    Low Range C02 Low Pressure Gauge

    I was looking at information about low-range C02 low-pressure gauges and came across some information on the US Micromatic site. "Preferably, to acquire more precise adjustments, use a regulator that has a 0-30 PSI gauge range...
  9. rowanb

    Liquid Yeast Supply Chain & Frequency Of Shipment

    What is the supply chain regarding liquid from the USA? Are there key Australian distributors supplying retailers, or do retailers deal direct with the US companies, or is it a bit of both? What would be a typical time period between production in the US and availability from a local retailer?
  10. rowanb

    Wired Digital Fridge / Heatpad Temp Controllers At Ibrew

    I noticed that iBrew are selling wired digital temperature controllers - may be an option for those who don't wish to do the wiring, or don't have access to an electrician
  11. rowanb

    Refillable Oxygen Cylinders Via Hbs

    I was at a hbs in newcastle yesterday, noticed a disposble bernzomatic oxygen cylinder, and the member of staff mentioned that they'd begun investigating the feasibility of making refillable cylinders of oxygen available through the store. Sounded like early-days & nothing definite, but of...
  12. rowanb

    Mountain Goat Brewery Visit - Melbourne

    Was there on Friday. What a great setup and well supported. We arrived just on 5pm and the place filled up in no time. We tried the pale ale, fancy pants & IPA. Also had their steam ale through a randall containing nelson sauvin - wonderfully aromatic and delicious - quite transformative...
  13. rowanb

    Itching To Get Back Home And Mash...

    Having a great time out of town but I'm really itching to get back home and hit the mash. I downloaded a stack of 'brew strong' podcasts over Christmas - very enjoyable and informative, haze, hsa, mash efficiency, lagering, yeast starters, dry hopping... - a wonderful resource on technique...
  14. rowanb

    Lagering Caves Re-discovered In New York

    Interesting yarn about the recent rediscovery of long forgotten lagering caves used by a now defunct brewery based in New York "... in the South Bronx, less than two miles from Yankee Stadium, a network of old beer caves that had stood silent for generations. "...
  15. rowanb

    Co2 Tank - Washer

    I just found I'm missing a washer for my Harris regulator / Co2 tank connection. I've looked at a couple of websites. One seemed the go but was out of stock. Anyone suggest a vendor? Also, are all the connections likely to be a standard size, or would I need to find something relating to my...
  16. rowanb

    Recommended Licenced Electricians?

    I have a temp mate which needs wiring ( ) and I'm looking for an electrician, preferably in my local area. My main concern is to find someone who will do a professional job. I live in the inner-west of Sydney, in Annandale (though I'd hop...