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    Cape Bouvard winery/brewery (Lake Clifton, WA)

    Went here at easter time, would not go back. Tried a few beers including the wheat, vienna lager and one other I can't recall, all were pretty ordinary. Coupled with the old couple who were running the place (I assume they owned it) looking absolutely miserable - like they were doing you a...
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    Gryphon Brewing / Online Brewing supplies

    Just wanted to put up a post as a compliment to Nev at Online brewing supplies. I rocked up unannounced at Nev's premises on Sunday morning (resplendent in my lycra cycling gear) as I was riding past because I was chasing two packets of yeast I remembered I'd need for today. Nev duly obliged...
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    For Sale - Perth - Kettle, Burner & Mash tun

    Per the title, getting rid of the above after going down the Braumeister path. 1 x 98L Robinox (beerbelly) kettle with hop screen and high pressure burner - $350 1 x 70L mash tun (as pictured) with welded pickup tube, tri clover clamp, false bottom & mashmaster temp gauge- $250 Or $500 the...
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    Rubbermaid 10gal mash tun - NOR Perth

    Folks, superfluous to my needs is my complete Rubbermaid 10gal/40L mash tun. Includes domed false bottom, stainless ball valve and bi-metal thermometer. These are great for mashing - I haven't used mine for a couple of years but it would typically drop about 0.5 degrees over the course of an...
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    Wa Christmas Case Swap 2012 Tasting Notes

    Instructions; Leave comments under the beer you're commenting on prefix all comments with your name/initials and ideally the date you tasted the beer Copy and paste previous post, DO NOT QUOTE If your beer has just been bottled and isn't quite ready to drink, put a 'best after' date next to...
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    Morebeer O2 Kit - Nylon Olive

    So I've used my O2 kit (to great effect) once and managed to lose the nylon olive that sits between the air stone and the female fitting on the end of the tube. Morebeer sell a replacement washer but of course want to charge $35 to ship it. Anyone know where I can get such a beast in Perth? Cheers
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    Free - Assorted Stubbies - Approx 100

    Per the title, a friend of mine is giving away about 100 stubbies, mostly corona. Pickup from bull creek WA. First in best dressed.
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    Morebeer Filters

    Hey folks, against my better judgement i'm about to pull the trigger on a morebeer filter setup. Can anyone recommend/not recommend these? How do they compare to the CB units? These are the ones i'm talking about;
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    High Gravity Brewing Efficiency

    So I've attempted a couple of high gravity (1.100+) brews and have ended up with woeful efficiency - in the order of 55/60% - the result of which is that the brews I've tried are obviously going to be nothing like the brews I'm wanted to make. I know there are a couple of improvements I could...
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    Alcohol - How Well Do You Recover?

    SO alcohol affects all of us in different ways and some worse than others. Im not talking about the happy/sad whatever reaction whilst were drinking, Im talking about the next day or later in the night after youve stopped and how you recover. There are people who claim to never have hangovers...
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    What's Decomposing My Spent Grain?

    Went to dump some spent grain in a place where I'd previously dumped some maybe a month or two ago and dug up these critters eating the previous lot; Probably many dozens in there having a great old time. Anyone know what they are ?
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    RecipeDB - WitWonder's IPA

    <div class='ipsBox clear vcard' id='recipe_card'> <div class='ipsVerticalTabbed ipsLayout ipsLayout_withleft ipsLayout_smallleft clearfix'> <div class='ipsVerticalTabbed_tabs ipsLayout_left' id='recipe_tabs'> <p class='short photo_holder'> <img...
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    Cheap Lpg Refills - Perth

    Just an FYI for those in Perth Northern suburbs that a new place seems to have opened up in Malaga which is doing LPG refills for $20. No idea if this is a grand opening special however just a little annoyed after paying $28-odd bucks at Bunnings which is 500m up the road the day before! :)...
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    Grand Final Brewday!

    Ok, so I'm heading off shortly to a mate's place to crank out 80L of my IPA (christening Randy's 100L kettle for the first time) whilst watching the GF, bbq, etc. What's everyone else doing? Pale Galaxy IPA A ProMash Recipe Report Recipe Specifics ---------------- Batch Size (L)...
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    Wyeast 1275 - Starter Done And Dusted In 6 Hours?

    OK So I've brewed today and wanting to pitch my yeast. A couple of days ago I smacked a pack of 1275 and it swelled within a day or two at which point I put it back in the fridge until today when I added it to about 2.5L of starter and stuck it on my stirplate. I've checked the starter regularly...
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    Co2 Regulator - Temperature Affects Reading?

    OK I've searched and can't find an answer on this one. I've been kegging a while now and have stored my co2 bottle in the fridge initially with no problems. I then used it for quite a while with it sitting outside the fridge and again, no problems. I've just finished a freezer conversion and...
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    Celli Dismantle Howto?

    Having some time and inspiration today to dismantle my chrome Celli taps to clean but have come across one small issue and that is I can't seem to take them apart :( The flow restrictor just stops at its usual points either forward or back and I really don't feel like forcing it. Likewise the...
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    Promash Losing Inventory?

    Been using Promash for a while now and have been attempting to keep diligent stock records. I don't really have concrete proof, however I am wondering if Promash is doing odd things with my inventory levels? It's not as though I brew every day so really all I have is anecdotal evidence - like, I...
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    Show Us Your Flask!

    Having just put a pack of 1335 on my stirplate here is the result. How much yeast is a good result? I actually took around 20ml out of the smack pack to use in vials for future brews. Interesting as this pack was almost nine months old and has produced quite a bit of yeast in around 48hours...
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    2035 Stalled Lager Ferment

    OK So I've had my (AG) lager fermenting in primary for around six weeks. After dropping to 1.020 (from 1.046) and refusing to budge for about the last two of those six weeks I upped the temperature to around 15 degrees for a few days - still nothing. I lowered the temp back to around 10degrees...