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  1. Samwise Gamgee

    Gym Equipment For Sale

    Hi all, I know this is kinda weird putting exercise equipment up on a brew forum but lets see how we go: Rack of dumb bells from 2.5kg-30kg in 2.5kg increments (pairs). on a 3 tier rack. Black rubber coated weights on white rack. $800.00 ($1200 new) "Avanti" semi-commercial power tower (For...
  2. Samwise Gamgee

    Easter Bunny

  3. Samwise Gamgee

    Modern Day Gladiators

    Video of Modern Day Gladiators
  4. Samwise Gamgee

    Tool Is Coming!

    I know there are a few TOOL fans out there so here's a heads up for those that don't already know. TOOL is playing a Sydney (24th Jan) and Melb (31st Jan) show. Could possibly be at BDO too? Tix on sale Aug 25 via Ticket Master. Edit 1: Qld, Adelaide, Perth and Auckland shows to be...
  5. Samwise Gamgee

    Kosovo Parody Song

    Very funny, need sound. Click
  6. Samwise Gamgee

    Mortality - 1 Show Only

    Australian Metal Band "Mortality" have re-formed after almost 10 years of silence for 1 show only. Aug 18 @ The Empire Hotel in Annandale (Parramatta Rd) you can check them out and have a listen at: :super:
  7. Samwise Gamgee

    Brew Pub In Rouse Hill

    The Colosimo family has applied to build a boutique brewery-cum-hotel-theatre restaurant in Rouse Hill which is to be modelled on their Potters Brewery in the Hunter. It's likely to be called the Annangrove Hotel and will be built on the land owned by Nathan's Smash Repairs. They will be...
  8. Samwise Gamgee

    Hoppy Wheat Beer

    My original plans for my next brew was going to be a Summer Wheat...................just in time for winter by the time I get to do it, but anyways, i have been pondering on doing a few hop additions mainly for flavour purposes. I know wheat beers are low ibu's along the lines of 16 ibu and...
  9. Samwise Gamgee

    Beer Foam Up Gas Line

    Hi all, I've read about potential problems from getting beer up the gas line and into the reg but haven't heard about peoples actual experiences with problems. As you have prob guessed i've just done it, and i pumped up the gas to about 200kpa and pumped all the foam out into a bucket of water...
  10. Samwise Gamgee

    Xmas Brews

    So with the Xmas break coming up, what have you got planned to brew? I'm hoping to get a Hefeweizen and Coopers PA type brew down as well possibly doing a double batch of something but yet to decide what it will be. Need to do a short trip to bunnings i think and play around with some mods to...
  11. Samwise Gamgee

    Sparge Times

    I just completed my 3rd AG on the weekend and each time I've had quite a long sparge. I know a slow sparge is desirable to prevent compacting the grain bed but how slow is too slow. It took 2hrs to get approx 35L of wort from just under 5kg of grain in a cylindrical keep cool esky with s/s...
  12. Samwise Gamgee

    North West Sydney Brew Club

    G'Day, There will be an initial meet @ 7:30pm on the 21st November (monday). It will be held at the Castle Hill Tavern (prob meet in the TAB as it should be empty and it has the best range of beers). The idea of this meet is to see if there is much interest to organise a Brew Club in the area...
  13. Samwise Gamgee

    To Give More Than 100%

    From a strictly mathematical viewpoint it goes like this: What Makes 100%? What does it mean to give MORE than 100%? Ever wonder about those people who say they are giving more than 100%? We have all been to those meetings where someone wants you to give over 100%. How about achieving 103%...
  14. Samwise Gamgee


    CONTIKI - South Western Sydney Lowlights. 9 DAY TOUR DAY 1 - Meet your new travel-mates in our hotel in Beautiful Emu Plains. At night you have the chance to score your own crack in Cabramatta. DAY 2 - After breakfast we will get mugged in Minto before having lunch at Blacktown KFC. Tonight...
  15. Samwise Gamgee

    World - Ok For Work

    The world in 2005 :D
  16. Samwise Gamgee

    Drinking On The Gold Coast

    Have a read of the below story which has been doin the email rounds. "From the State where drink driving is considered a sport, comes a true story from the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Recently a routine police patrol parked outside a local neighborhood tavern. Late in the...
  17. Samwise Gamgee

    Free Longnecks

    I've got a few to many bottles and need to get rid of a few. 100-150 Crown Seal 660ml "Sapporo" Bottles are available. Good quality, thick glass bottles. They are not clean. Pick up from Kellyville. PM me if you're interested.
  18. Samwise Gamgee

    Strong Ale Recipe/idea

    Hello, I'm doing a partial mash this weekend. Here's my recipe: Ingredients: 6Kg Light LME 300g Torrified Wheat 230g Choc Grain 80g Super Alpha (60mins) 20g EK Goldings (15mins) 20g Amarillo (Flameout) WLP099 Super High Gravity Yeast Method: Mash Torrified wheat and Choc Grain for 60mins @...
  19. Samwise Gamgee

    Self @ The Bull Tonite

    G'Day, SELF will be playing at the Bull 'n' Bush tonite. (Baulkham Hills, cnr Windsor and Old Northern Rds) We are headlining the night and supported by Discreet and Heifer. We should be on about 10:30 and this will be my final show drumming with/for SELF. If your in the area and want to...
  20. Samwise Gamgee


    At the moment I've got a wheat beer down which I added various hops and crystal grain too. I want the finished beer to be relatively clear except for the cloudiness that a wheat beer generally has. When I'm going to transfer it to the secondary I was just going to use a fine siv to hopefully...