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    Pils Malt-jw Vs Weyermann Vs ?

    Hi guys, I'm at the stage where I'd like to better understand the contribution of similar malts to a beer. Ale malts I'm ok with, but I was wondering if anyone has done side-by-side comparisons of various pilsener malts? Is there a discernable difference between Joe White, Hoepfner, Weyermann...
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    Quick Disconnects: Barb Vs Mfl

    Hi guys, I'm looking to get into kegging soon, as bottling takes too long! Just a quick question, Brewers' Discount seem to have two different connections available for quick disconnects: 1/4" Barb and 1/4" MFL. Which, if either, of these is preferable? Advantages/disadvantages? Thanks in...
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    Sigma-aldrich Excess Stock Sale. Save Up To 75%

    Stock categories. List of items. Just got this in my inbox, may be some items of interest for AHBers. :)
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    Czech Saaz Pellets

    Hi guys, Just did a group buy for some hops, and I have rather a lot (3 kg) of Czech Saaz pellets left over. They were sealed in a nitrogen-containing bag up until a few days ago, and now reside in zip lock bags in my freezer. They're 3.0% aa, and they cost $30 per kilo, or $15 per 500 g. I...