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    Ahb Sydney Pub Crawl 2006

    What he said, April 22 locked in! :beer: Linz Little squares(Mrs Linz) Gerard_M JH Stuster Boozy The Clown Mikem108 RichLum + friends Benny Brewster + friends Crozdog Ross (maybe) Doc Seth PoMo Trev Homekegger1 MCWB
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    Ahb Gear - Order Yours Now!

    Payment for 2x stubby holders sent, and email sent! :) Thanks Ken! :beer:
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    Ahb Gear - Order Yours Now!

    2 Stubby holders for me please Ken. :)
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    Redoak Brewery Pub

    King St Wharf, up towards the Bungalow8 end rather than the Cargo end.
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    Snpa In Adl!

    So good India and Pakistan would fight over it? :beer: Oh, you meant :P
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    Chimay Lovers, Cop This For A Bargain!

    Haha, nice! :lol: Maybe you should have tried to convince him to give it to you for 5 cents though Boozy. :P :lol: Great score!
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    Fermenters And Stuff

    Sorry, but the salted water idea is rubbish. :) Yes, the salt depresses the freezing point of the water, and since the heat capacity of water is about double that of ice, you get a small difference in the overall enthalpy change. However, given that they both start off at the same temperature...
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    How Do You Pronounce It?

    Nah, this has the accent on the 2nd syllable rather than the first (a-settle-ene, rather than ass-set-tile {'ass' as in 'mass'}). Another way of saying it (that my fiancee suggested) is like 'acetate', chop off the 'tate' and substitute 'tile'. :)
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    How Do You Pronounce It?

    The chemist in me cringes at the thought of calling it a-settle or a-see-tile! :( die Ass-set-Isle (ass pronounced as in 'mass') for me please. :beer:
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    Ahb Beer Glasses - The Finalists

    Same here, but am happy to go with the majority. :beer:
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    Ahb Beer Glasses - Time To Decide

    :lol: :beer: Otherwise known as Cervoise. :)
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    Ahb Beer Glasses - Time To Decide

    The latest versions with new logo look superb, would be great over the Xmas break. :beerbang:
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    Are You Hungry?

    This guy seems to have had a heart transplant on the wrong side of his chest! :P :lol:
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    The World's Best Beer?

    It's called Mariawald I think?
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    Hefe Weizen That's Krystal

    Is it possible that the 2 weeks in the fridge has just caused the yeast and proteins to drop to the bottom of the keg? Bit of a PITA to do it everytime you want a hefe, but is the answer as simple as shaking the keg? Edit: I seem to remember this happening to kook once before too, can't...
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    Iodophor Pitfalls

    Nope, no typo sos. It may be the DeLaval iodophor referred to in this link, but I'm not sure, as DeLaval make a heap of different iodophor-based sanitisers.
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    Importing Equipment.

    A few days to get charged, a couple of months to arrive. The price is right though. :)
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    Iodophor Pitfalls

    The iodophor ESB sells is 12 g/L effective iodine in 252 g/L phosphoric acid; it's made by DeLaval. I may have found an empty container of the stuff outside once. ;) :ph34r:
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    Wanted-bulk Sanatising Solution/powder

    Approx 12500 ppm iodine in (IIRC) 252 g/L phosphoric acid, dilute 1 in 1000 (10 mL in 10 L) for a 12.5 ppm solution. DeLaval sell it in bulk (20 L IIRC?).
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    Nobody's Fault But Mine

    :lol: :lol: :lol: Best of luck for your future endeavours Jayse. ;)