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  1. sintax69

    Games People Play

    Just wondering what if any computer games any of you play Me Iam mad about World of warcraft at the moment Level 33 Mage this has taken over my live at the moment but also play Battlefield when Iam in the mode
  2. sintax69

    Mill Mounting

    I ve been tossing around a few plans for my brew stand (going to retire the plastic table). What I was thinking was to do a single level bench with ever thing mounted on it, so why do i not see on any of the websites any grain mills mounted to the brew stands is there some reason why they cant...
  3. sintax69

    Hybrid Chiller

    Is there any draw back to this style of chiller I dont see many people with these and was wondering if they are worth the effort. I have no problem getting the gear or making it I have 18m of tube(freebie) and was thinking this would be a nice looking chiller. I would like to know if they work...
  4. sintax69

    Steamed Beer

    Has anyone ever raised the temp of there mash by using a steam cleaner Does it work these guys have done it interseted in any feed back heres a steamer on ebay close to what they are using...
  5. sintax69

    Counter Pressure Bottle Fillers

    My next project is a bottle filler for the keg system. I have read some of the post etc here but the one thing I would like to know is how you connect it to your gas bottles. Do you all have manafolds or is there some sort of connection that i can disconnect my kegs and connect the CPBF to it .I...
  6. sintax69

    All Grain Dvd Just got my copy of basic brewings all grain dvd (stepping into all grain) pre release version. And I have to say they have done a top job on this if you are thinking of going the grain then I would highly recommend this (and palmers book). It last about hour...
  7. sintax69

    Dip Tube

    I just got a couple kegs from the states and setting up my kegs soon, just wondering how far from the bottom is the tube is supose to be mine is touching the bottom in the middle where there is a dimple. To me that is going to suck up all the sediment from the bottom is that what you do or is it...
  8. sintax69

    Beer Labels
  9. sintax69

    Shirron Plate Chiller

    Has any one used one of these plate chillers before, which I found on b3 today for $90 the price is right alot cheaper than the $180 terminator but made in china i see
  10. sintax69


    What is the best co2 regulator to get? Is the any differance between them ? I was looking at the harris 601 seems to be the only one on ebay at the moment what others are there? How did you guys that use Fire extiguishers mount them to the regulators some form of adaptor or they just fitted on?
  11. sintax69

    Bottling Day

    Gee I hate bottling seems like so many bottles
  12. sintax69

    Freezer Controller

    Get your soldering irons out boys and girls Silcon Chip magazine has a temperature controller for firdge and freezers kit in junes issue If any one has it can they post pls
  13. sintax69

    Just Buy Some Kegs

    When it gets this bad just go out and buy some Kegs
  14. sintax69

    Wyeast Where Do You Getit

    Does any one know where you can buy Wyeast smack packs in Sydney I know i can get it from grain and grape in Vic and grumpys is SA but Iam looking for some where in the Sydney area :beerbang:
  15. sintax69

    New Keg

    If it surfs the net as well Iam set
  16. sintax69

    Fiber Washers

    Just making a new bucket of death and I was going to use a fiber washer behind the washer on the tap when I remembered I had some thin neoprene which i could punch out to make washers with. Now does any one know of any reasons to use or not to use neoprene in this situtation (this is a electric...
  17. sintax69

    Cracking Grain

    Whats the best way to crack grain if you dont have a mill? Iam looking at getting 1kilo lots of some wheat ,cara etc. and just using 200gram at a time so for storage reasons I tought to get it uncracked and it would last a lot longer.So this leads me to my question Whats the best way to crack...
  18. sintax69

    Temp Sensor Just found this little temp sensor thought it would work fine in my brewer on the end of CFC would be a nice spot $10 cant go wrong sintax
  19. sintax69

    Bierbitzch sintax
  20. sintax69

    Beer Smith

    Just over at the beer smith site they have just released a new version of the program V1.3 sintax :D