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  1. Mattzilla

    Free - Crown Seal Bottles - 500ml And 750ml

    Hi Everyone I have 3 cases of 500ml crown seal bottles and another 2-3 cases of 750ml crown seal bottles FREE to AHB members A bottle of your finest wouldn't go astray lol Pick up from Caringbah Sydney Thanks Matt 0422966020
  2. Mattzilla

    Sodium Met Dosage

    Hi i bought some sodium met to sterilize my gear and just want to check the dosage before use the packet says to use 10g per litre of water... is that right?? my laundry sink is 40ltrs so i would have to use 400g of sodium met right? that seems like a lot and would not make it a cost...
  3. Mattzilla

    Beer Labels And Personalised Beer Glasses

    I've played with some fo the label makers and have made a logo for my home brew beer and was wondering the best place to: 1- get some bottle labels printed 2 - get some beer glasses with a logo printed on them (without having to order 100+) I've been looking around a bit online and have found...
  4. Mattzilla

    Wanted: Bar Fridge And Temp Controller

    It's getting too hot and the more i read on this forum the more i think it's time to get a small fridge and temp controller to ferment my beer in I have a coopers 30ltr drum so the fridge will have to fit it. i can provide measurements if need be. I'm in Sydney Thanks Matt 0422966020
  5. Mattzilla

    Wanted: Co2 Bottle

    A friend is after one so if you have on in Sydney please let me know size and price etc also need to know the date stamp of when it was last safety tested thanks Matt
  6. Mattzilla

    Neeed: Crown Seal Long Necks

    I had to resort to stubbies last night when bottling a brew and it sucked so i'm looking for some long neck crownies for my next brew (or 2) If you have any unwanted longies please let me know and i'll come pick them up Happy to pay for them and also happy to take some freebies :icon_cheers...
  7. Mattzilla

    Wanted: 750ml Crown Seal Bottles

    Hi guys i'm after some 750ml crown seal bottles i'm in Caringbah, Sydney cheers matt 0422 966 020
  8. Mattzilla

    Wtb: Bottle Capper

    anyone got one spare would prefer closer to Cronulla.... Sydney south thanks matt 0422 966 020
  9. Mattzilla

    Wtb: Starter Kit And Capper

    Hi i'm looking for a home brew starter kit would prefer somewhere local to me or someone willing to post i have plenty of bottles so don't need them really also looking for a bench top bottle capper thanks matt 0422966020