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    anyone live around the hunter valley?

    Looking for advice on sourcing apples or even better - places that I can fill my fermenter with fresh juice. I live in branxton and haven't had much luck searching on my own without driving to Sydney (or worse).
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    brigalow brewing yeast alcohol tolerance?

    Last April i put down a mead with el cheapo ingredients just to see what mead tastes like. It finally cleared this week. the og was well off the charts for my hydrometer but it had so much honey in there we can safely assume the alcoholic content is as high as my cheap yeast can tolerate...
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    Bns Ball Saturday - No Glass Allowed

    My missus and I split up a day or two ago and my mates are making me go to a bns ball in some place called monkerai as apparently there are more fish in the sea. Unfortunately I don't like fishing. Or country music. Or (I assume) their shit line up of beers or even worse spirits (can't stand...
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    Two Unrelated Questions - Mead & Ginger

    I'm going to make a dry, sparkling mead tomorrow, but I'm not sure what ratio of honey to water I should use for an sg of approx 1050 for about 7.5% (correct?). I've looked online but either my searching skills are terrible or the only sources are imperial and not very precise, ie."for a dry...
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    Ldme As Base Malt

    I have a surplus of LDME and dextrose and want to use it as a base malt to test out a few things which I won't go into detail about (I'm on my phone, typing is a pain) Just wondering if anyone has done this before and what ratio of malt:dextrose:water will result in "normal" (ie 4-5%) beer
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    Interesting Cider/wines Made With Juice

    Just wondering if there's any seldom discussed ingredients anyone has tried that works well in cider/poor man's wine. I got caught up in the moment and bought a juice fountain the other week so I'm now interested in using Aldi apple juice and adding in the juice of various fruits... but where...
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    Infected Commercial Beer

    Just wondering, how does this happen? I thought they had like a billion steps they used to avoid this. I'm guessing it was just a freak thing that got through whatever they put their beer through.
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    Selling Your Beer

    So far I've only brewed from kits but I've done a bit of grain brewing research and discovered how everyday items can be used instead of fancy stainless steel etc stuff. Anyway, I work at a bowling club, and there's quite a bit of useful stuff at my fingertips, i.e. birko, old fridges begging...
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    Cleaning With H2o Mop?

    Would using a h2o mop on my plastic fermenter etc be okay? I assume it'll warp and get ruined but I know nothing of plastic warping temps.
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    Carbonated Alcoholic Water.

    I read a topic recently about making bourbon and cola fermented water and bottle carbonating, and I've been thinking about trying something weird since. I'd never attempt the above because even at the best of times, a palatable form of cola that doesn't come in pet bottles labelled "coca~cola"...
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    Apple Press Looking over this, possibly gonna build something like this with the inlaw... he raised the point that the basket being round seems unnecessary... is there any real advantage of a round basket over a square one that we'll run into...
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    How Long Is Starsan Effective?

    Used to sanatise bottles yesterday, but got called into work earlier than expected. I expect a call soon to go in early today as well... will I have to hit them again tomorrow or Monday or are they good for a while since it's "no rinse" Sitting on my washing machine on bottle tree right now...
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    Kit Ginger Beer

    Never liked ginger beer... but the missus likes it (and hasn't liked anything else I've brewed so far!) I had a bad experience with a cider kit (taste wise) - apple juice fermented with sn9 turned out much better than my black rocks kit - and I'm a little hesitant to just buy a cooper's ginger...
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    Looking At Buying A Juicer...

    So! I had a look in big w today and they had a sunbeam juicer for $65, and a breville juice fountain for $158... I'm going to buy one tomorrow, but was looking for advice to help swing my opinion. Has anyone used the ol' cheap sort without problems, or likewise had many issues and would...
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    Removing Carboy From Water Bath

    This brew marks the second brew I've had to use a water bath for temperature control... The first one was only 15L of cider which I could lift out with little sloshing around... But now I have 23L of cerveza with lemon and lime I'll need to put into another carboy to add dissolved salt (no...
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    Sanitising Gear

    Done a bit of a search for this but find it hard on my phone, especially since using any cleaning terms to search leads to a billion results... Anyway, I've always used those cooper's/brigalow powder bottles on my gear but I was sure there'd have to be a cheaper alternative in larger...
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    Second Batch Of Cider, Tastes A Bit Off

    I'll start with a small history here... for tldr skip down. My first cider batch I considered to be a write off... used 1kg table sugar, and black rock kit, bottled (with cooper carb drops as typical for beer etc) for 1 month... resulted in extremely dry, almost apple flavoured swamp water. It...
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    Recipe Check Please?

    This is my first non-kit brew of any sort, and to be honest I pretty much bought all these ingredients spur of the moment Please let me know if I have anything stupid/pointless listed or if I'm missing something crucial * vinter's harvest wine yeast (sn9, 8g) * 6 x berri apple pear juice (14.4...
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    Gravity Change?

    I used a cooper's pale ale kit on the 7th as directed (*), and noticed only 3 days later bubbling had stopped. The temperature has been quite warm so assumed all was normal. I checked gravity over 3 days (10th-12th, approx midday each time) but was too busy yesterday (12th) to bottle, so left...
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    New To Cider

    I'm very new at brewing in general, but I've always preferred cider. Apple, pear, sweet, dry. I'm not at all picky. Thus far I have only just had my first try, using nothing but a black rock kit, ~22L of water, and 1kg of plain table sugar (was told this sugar makes beer bad/'cidery' so thought...