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    Excess grain

    Have to clear some room in the shed so i've got the following for sale, pick up from Altona Meadows vic. JW amber 9.5kgs Wey carared 7kgs Best Melanoidin 5.4kgs Simpsons Brown malt 7.2kgs Rolled barley 3kgs Flaked corn 3kgs Flaked rice 4.4kgs JW caramalt 10kgs JW choc 10kgs...
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    Was just at liqourland and it looks like coles has started brewing or more like it getting someone else to brew steamrail amber golden and something else i cant recall. The only thing that gave it away was the address on the bottle which is their head office. Does anyone know who is producing it...
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    Hot Water Urn - Melbourne

    Hot water urn, think its 20 litres or there abouts. Did a few biabs in it with no probs. Pickup Altona. Trade for beer.
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    Which Mill To Buy...

    Gent's, Looking at the number of different mills on the market as i'm just getting into AG and unsure which to buy.... :( Dont want to go buying a Marcato when i should have bought a crankenstein... Moneys not the number one factor, more reliability and easily adaptable for a drill. Will be...
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    20l Braumeister

    So the tax return finally came and I managed to con the missus into letting me INVEST in a Braumeister ;) But alas Grain and Grape have run out of the 20 litre's and am all cashed up and excited about chucking on my first scotch ale tonight. Guess not to be... Does anyone know wether anyone else...
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    Red Duck

    just stopped in at the red duck brewery provedore after a round of golf to find they've done some new releases! big fan of these guys so they have made my night. anyone tried them already?