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  1. sintax69

    Ac Motor Speed Controller

    have this same controller which i used for my mill and it is not much good for low down torque i was using it on a drill to drive the mill and it just stalled all the time
  2. sintax69

    Esb Fresh Wort Kits... And Cans.

    Bought a yeast off this guy once and thats it never again. Trying to gain from his misfortune is just low the shop that would gain the most from his temp closeure (closest 2 him) is not even trying to step on his bussiness but a guy from wollogong is HA HA good luck
  3. sintax69

    Fathers Day

    Iam a sad case first thing i think of that BBQ scrapper would be good to clean out the boiler after using it Second thought was mmmm that cup warmer may be able to sit under a fermenter mmm sad sad sintax
  4. sintax69

    Hlt Element Fixed Or Immersion?

    Has anyone actually raise thier mash temp with a immerssion element I have an all electric system and was going to go herms system in the future but if I can use my immerssion element to step up the temp that would be great. I have always thought that it would burn the grain anyone done this...
  5. sintax69

    4hr Brewday?

    My Brew day takes as long as i want its the only time I get piece (kids not allowed outside when daddy is playing all the hot stuff ) I enjoy the hole proccess drink a brew potter around the shed make some new gadget WHY would I want that to go any faster? If i wanted fast brew I would still be...
  6. sintax69

    Kettle Elements

    I have 2 bella elements in a keg upgraded them from the bucket of death see link in last post takes about 15mins to rolling boil one trick get a element as low as possable in the keg so you can start the boil after the first batch sparge or as soon as it covered by wort if fly sparging this...
  7. sintax69

    Ahb Beer Glasses - Time To Decide

    For the love of god not again lets do this this time anything that holds a pint of beer pls one place is
  8. sintax69

    Games People Play

    Just wondering what if any computer games any of you play Me Iam mad about World of warcraft at the moment Level 33 Mage this has taken over my live at the moment but also play Battlefield when Iam in the mode
  9. sintax69

    In Line Flow Valves/compensators

    Go my two attched to 2 pluto guns same setup as above but much closer to the gun (about 10mm of tube visable )the hole set up works great prefect pour and not a drop of beer lost
  10. sintax69

    Mill Mounting

    knew there would be a reason I never seen none bolted to the side of a brew stand awell back to version 2.12beta 2 of the brew stand live and learn thanks all
  11. sintax69

    Mill Mounting

    I ve been tossing around a few plans for my brew stand (going to retire the plastic table). What I was thinking was to do a single level bench with ever thing mounted on it, so why do i not see on any of the websites any grain mills mounted to the brew stands is there some reason why they cant...
  12. sintax69

    Rossco Get's His Wrists Slapped.

    Snow in this dream of yours wheres your mash paddle
  13. sintax69

    Is This Site Now The Craftbrewers Sales Site

    Top idea with the prefix I think most people here dont mind the retail section and or ads (how else do I get my new toys) What I would hate to see is this board turn into another grumpys board where you cant talk about nothing but what they sell (i know is there board and shop and all that) It...
  14. sintax69

    Nsw Ahb Xmas In July Case

    Gee I did not want to post this email I just go a call from work last night and we have another contract which means Iam working 6-7 days a week for the next few months. So what does that mean to you guys well, I have to drop out of the xmas case for this year. I hope some one can fill my spot I...
  15. sintax69

    Personalized Mats & Coasters - Where These look nice would work out at around $20 a set mmm bulk buy Bulllk Buy
  16. sintax69

    "smartstrip" For Kegs

    the pdf on the site shows them on what looks like a corny 20 lts
  17. sintax69

    Ahb Gear - Order Yours Now!

    I work at burwood so can you put me down to pick up from Stuster as well TA
  18. sintax69

    Convoluted (twisted) Copper

    another option is to wrap copper wire around normal 3/8 pipe needs tacked every few feet this will increase the turbulance around the copper pipe I will try and dig up a pic
  19. sintax69

    Plc's.htm#FABdwnld Try this mob they have some cheap and nasty plc etc
  20. sintax69

    First Attempt At Yeast Farming...

    Ross Please explain!!! what do you store it in / do you store it under sterile water how do you split it syringe or just pour it out where is the yeast in them in the bag you pop or is it in the outer bag cheers