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    New Matilda Bay Brewery In Melbourne

    Found this on Those stubbies of Stockade on ebay will now be worth more than Duff! :P
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    Gunn Island Brew Pub, Middle Park

    As detailed in some of my posts earlier this week, I'm at a bit of a loose end at the moment. No home, no woman, no brew gear :( Was thinking of drowning my sorrows at the Gunn Island tonight, :chug: then read this on their website: Is it just me or is this a bit unappetizing? Has anyone...
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    Westgate Brewers Swap Meet

    Please see attached, from Westgate Brewers. Could be a goldmine...
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    Paul Mercurio's Peach Beer

    Saw the review of this in the Bulletin, here's a link to Paul Mercurio's new site. Good thing there is no smilie for envy, lucky bugger gets to brew up at the Holgate Brewery. One or two of the retailers he lists are in my neck of the woods, will have to have a look for this. You interstaters...
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    Nz Idiots Get Circus Animals Drunk

    From the Dominion Post Beer fed to circus animals 29 March 2005 By ANNA CLARIDGE A circus touring in the South Island is having problems with people feeding beer to its animals. A lion from the Whirling Bros Circus was found early yesterday biting the neck of a glass beer bottle, his paws...
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    Old Wives Tale?

    Someone I work with insists that beer should not be poured twice, ie you shouldn't ever order a jug or decant a bottle into one. This comes from her uncle, who was an alkie so presumably knew what he was talking about, and is law in her family. Any one else ever heard this, or know the reason...
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    Free Beer!

    Went into the local Vintage Cellars yesterday, as well as a couple of Creatures pale ales I picked up a leaflet from the counter:
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    Backlane All Grain!

    Well, a fruitful weekend! Went to Tradelink Plumbing Supply in St Kilda Rd on Saturday morning, picked up an easy hooker, some pipe, t-piece, clamps, comp. fitting & in line ball valve= $52.00 This was apparently trade price, the guy who served me has a mate who brews & was interested/pleased to...
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    Good To Have A Hobby

    If anyone ever indicates that to you they think HB is an expensive waste of time & space ("Why bother?", I was asked last week.) just show 'em this. Toot toot!
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    Nrb's Avatar- Nsfw

    NRB's (admirably) pneumatic avatar has been attracting a fair bit of comment recently- You can do a google search for Japanese "hentai" cartoon/comic if you are looking for something similar. Be warned, some of this stuff is a bit strong, and a bit odd- definitely NSFW.
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    Changes To Reinheitsgebot?

    Wonder if this is the thin end of the wedge?
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    World's First Gay Wine

    I offer this with no comment, other than to note that regardless of the K&K/AG discussion currently going on elsewhere on the forum, this is one aspect of beer we don't have to worry about. I think. if you need to know more follow this link to the Age online.
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    I have just whacked a couple of links up in the new look links page...easy to do. Be good to get a bunch of useful (or useless) stuff linked from the site. If you have any good links or bookmarks stashed in your favorites now is the time to get 'em out. ps :beerbang: what is this little...
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    Beer Saves Another Life

    after that bloke who pissed his way out of the snow, comes this: And the bad guy went to jail. Drinks all round!
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    Budweiser Caffeine Beer

    from today's London Times online
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    Free Bottles

    I got a couple of Darwin Stubbies off eBay a while back, finally got hold of 'em over the weekend. The guy I got them off also gave me another one, an NT Draught, & four green 640ml crown seal bottles. If anyone in Melbourne wants them, you can have them for what I paid- 4 bottles of brew or...
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    Saw this in the Nothern Brewers catalog- Spiel is as follows: One stroke of the racking cane/piston assembly will start a siphon when immersed in as little as six inches of beer or wine; less than six inches may require a second stroke. Have been up and down thru every Australian HBS website...
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    Some Interesting Local Brews

    Tasted a few new (to me, at least) local brews recently, wondered if anyone else has tried them/had an opinion? 1/- Monteiths Gold 2/- Monteiths Black Both of these were OK, but left me feeling I'd been sold a pup. The bottleshop dude who took my cash for 2 (330ml) stubbies of the gold told me...
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    Mountain Goat Brewery Visit

    We are planning to go to an open night at the new Mountain Goat brewery in Richmond, sometime in Jan/Feb. Any other Melbourne based members want to come along? We could be the official AHB delegation. Post here or PM me to sort out details.
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    Young & Jackson's Melbourne

    Was a bit early going to meet Slight last night for the free fridge pickup, so I dropped into Y & J for a quick ale. Upstairs, Chloe's Bar had been rented out for the night by some corporate hoons for a Christmas do, so I retreated to the Swanston St. side bar. First problem- I know they do...