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    I have been using BrewMate v 1.26 for years. Today I went to print out a recipe and got the page with grain and hop details. There used to be a button "Brewday" which gave details of volumes, SG readings etc. It has vanished. Any clues?
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    Priming sugar.

    I haven't bottled for nearly 10 years but want to give a bottle to a mate. I can't remember how much castor sugar I used to put in a bottle. Dies a teaspoon sound about right?
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    Monteith's Phoenix IPA

    I picked up the last carton of this yesterday at 1st Choice for $50. I was pretty impressed with the taste. They use Simcoe, Chinook and Citra hops and it is 5%ABV. Has anyone tried it or had a go at cloning it?
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    First BIAB attempt - not sure what to think

    After you pull the bag wind your temperature knob up to the max, you can't get too much. As above, you won't get a rolling boil if you dial anything less than 100 deg.
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    Crown urn

    Definitely interested. Exposed or covered element? Text me on 0417634664, Bob
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    I do BIAB in a 40L Crown urn. I have in the past used a camping mat to insulate my urn but over time it breaks down, sticks to the urn and is hard to remove. There must be a better material to use for the purpose. What solutions have fellow brewers come up with?
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    Kamado goes tapas

    I have a round Primo Kamado and to date have cooked pulled pork, pork ribs, beef ribs and chook. I want to do a pizza but am still looking for a good recipe. Brisket in the future. Not sure about steaks as I have a Ziggy which does a great job.
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    IPA Recipe

    I have never ventured into the world of IPA's but on a recent trip to Hawaii, and Auckland on the way back, I found out what I had been missing out on. I am now keen to try my hand at making an IPA. I am a BIAB brewer so use the no chill process which tends to use less hops. Does anyone have...
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    Wanted - Jack Hammer glass

    Maybe I should have said "wanted to buy".
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    Wanted - Jack Hammer glass

    Yes they are, that's why I am anxious to replace it.
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    Wanted - Jack Hammer glass

    Does anyone have a spare, or surviving, Jack Hammer Ruthless India Pale Ale glass that they are prepared to part with. I had six until this bloody wind we are having at the moment blew one off the table onto the cement. My wife can break glasses for Australia, but I have kept this set intact...
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    FS: 40L Crown Urn Modified/Upgraded - $250

    Do you BIAB, and if so how does the bag go with the temperature gauge probe?
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    Anyone Had Gout?

    You have my heartfelt sympathy. I suffered for years from this very painful condition. Different things seem to affect different people but generally beer, red wine, rich red meat, seafood, tomatoes are culprits. I have been on Zyloprim (allopurinol) for about 15 years and have never had a...
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    Stone and Wood Pacific Ale

    Claypot, Haven't seen that recipe. Not familiar with the term "mash hop". I haven't heard of Cloud Catcher, I assume that it is fairly new. Thanks Vittorio. sp0rk, I haven't tried the 60/40, not that keen on wheat, but if it does the job I am adaptable. I have used only Galaxy @ 10, 0 and...
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    Stone and Wood Pacific Ale

    I have tried several published recipes in an attempt to replicate this beer, with zero result. The most obvious difference between what I have produced and the original product is the pale, almost yellow, colour. If I could achieve that, then I could start working on the flavour and aroma...
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    Rubber band in keg

    I've managed to drop the ring from the keg lid into a brew. Enjoy the beer and fish it out after the keg blows.
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    Crown concealed element users

    I'd be worried that a stainless steel scourer would leave scratch marks. I only ever use a green scouring pad (with a sponge on the other side).
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    Crown concealed element users

    Already done it!