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  1. mosto

    Home Brewing Heros

    The professional brewers will be off camera. When it looks like someone is going to stuff their brew completely, they stop filming, let the professionals come in and fix it up, then go back to filming to show how the contestant miraculously averted a disaster. At least that's apparently what...
  2. mosto

    Re using yeast slurry questions

    In my experience, fresh slurry, or fresh starter will kick off quite quickly. A lot quicker than dry yeast. I haven't heard the 20% theory, but won't do any harm, depending on the yeast strain and what style of beer your making. For example US05 is a very neutral yeast that doesn't generally...
  3. mosto

    I dry hopped ... now what

    I generally cold crash for 4 days and chuck the dry hop in when I commence cold crashing. However I have cold crashed for only 2 days and what doesn't drop out in cold crash will drop out in the keg, ie the first few pours will be a bit cloudy but then it will clear up.
  4. mosto

    First brew using coopers kit

    For your first brew, looks like you're going to end up with a pretty tasty drop. The clumped malt won't worry the yeast. It'll dissolve eventually and the yeast will chew through it. But given it wouldn't had dissolved when you took your OG, your actually OG would be a bit higher. When I started...
  5. mosto

    40 Litre Crab Cooker

    I got a 2200W one from Craftbrewer. I'm actually on my second one, but the demise of the first one was user error. If you turn on a 2200W element before you've filled your pot, it's probably going to blow :unsure:
  6. mosto

    40 Litre Crab Cooker

    I've got the exact same pot, served me very well for a number of years now. I've installed an element in mine. I've recently scored an old keg I'm going to convert to a keggle, but intend on re-assigning my crab pot as a HLT.
  7. mosto

    White Labs WLP059 Melbourne Ale yeast to be released

    I emailed Andrew 6 weeks ago and emailed me back within 40 min. He said he was negotiating with White Labs to do a pre-order. They don't usually allow homebrew shops to pre-order, they get whatever the commercial customers don't buy. However, given their vault is only open to US customers he was...
  8. mosto

    Feral Sly Dog Session Ale - $13 a six pack

    Camping over Easter so some cans of decent beer will do the job nicely! Just ordered a click and collect, put in a carton it came to $72, put in as 4 six packs come in at $52, so no 3 pack limit online either (even though it states there is). Added a 4 pack of Youngs Double Chocolate Stout for...
  9. mosto

    'Craft' beer tax to be Fed Election issue

    Absolutely agree that a more equitable tax policy needs to established. On a side note though, whoever is pouring the beer in the video in the link should shot, or at least never allowed near a beer tap again!
  10. mosto

    Production time - 6 1/2 days for Guinness - Min 2 weeks in FV?

    Most of my beers would be at FG in 3 or so days. However, I've gotten best results by leaving it in primary for two weeks (ramp temp to top end of yeast tolerance at day 7, then cold crash at day 10). Then keg at day 14 and leave at serving pressure in keg fridge for minimum one week before...
  11. mosto

    Single Hop - First recipe feedback...

    When I'm trying a new hop I'll go with similar to what Blind Dog has and Rocker1986 have said. My standard grist is 90% Pale malt + 10% Caramunich. I no chill and aim for around 30 IBU's, so I get about 1/3 of my IBU's from a 60 min bittering addition and the rest from cube hopping (putting them...
  12. mosto

    Brewing Recipe Books Out There

    If you're interested in Australian brewing history (well NSW mainly), Bronzed Brews has some great recipes for re-creating beers of yesteryear, as well as being an interesting read. Also, Brewdog, in Scotland, have their entire recipe book available as a free download
  13. mosto

    Goodbye Casino Mike......

    1. Something about greyhounds (*recanted) 2. Hates Justin Bieber Link 3. Own goals? 4. Keeping his shady deals under wraps and bailing out before any info became public (is that 2 things?) 5. Signing the death warrant for Newcastle (rail) station without...
  14. mosto

    6 day carbonation

    When I first setup my kegerator, I had trouble with frozen lines. It's an old fridge with internal freezer compartment that has a dodgy door that doesn't close properly, so super cold air was descending down to where my lines were. I cut up some lengths of towel and wrapped them around the lines...
  15. mosto

    Cheeky Peak Brewery Albury / Wodonga

    In my experience, if it was fastway couriers, you're lucky you got it at all....
  16. mosto

    White stout - Feast of Stevens clone

    Can't offer any advice sorry, but will follow with interest. Grabbed some of this from the brewery when we visited my wife's sister on the south coast between xmas and new year. Very interesting beer.
  17. mosto

    Base style for a lamington ale

    Maybe sub some / all the Choc malt for Brown malt. Despite the name I've never gotten much choc flavour from choc malt alone, usually get it more from brown malt or a combo of the two. I was listening to an old Beersmith podcast a while ago which suggested the same and mentioned the name for...
  18. mosto

    New brew rig build questions

    Hi all, I'm tossing up whether to fork out the $$$ for a Grainfather, or build a similar system, especially now you can buy the GF Connect controller separately. I scored an old 50l keg from the tip a while ago. Someone must have had a similar idea to me but gave up and chucked it, as the the...
  19. mosto

    GIVEAWAY! INKBIRD PID & Christmas on sale up to 40%OFF

    Currently designing a new recirc keggle, this would do nicely!
  20. mosto

    First brew tinglers

    Hi Beil, congrats on the first brew. Just a couple of suggestions to make life a little easier. When doing kits and bits, you only need steep grain in ratio of about 10:1 water, ie for 250g grain use about 2.5L water. No need to boil the rest of your water, if you drink it without boiling it...