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  1. pyrosx

    Yeast flavour compounds - looking for reliable source material

    I'm looking for the source of some "information" I have rattling around in my head.... I need something more solid that "some guy at the pub/on a forum said X" The "information" is a quote along the lines of "Yeast can produce thousands more of flavour compounds - way more than grapes can" etc...
  2. pyrosx

    What To Brew With Chateau Malt Pale Ale?

    So inevitably when one gets into a hobby, one makes a strange purchasing decision or three, simply because they didnt know any better. I bought a 25kg bag of Chateau Malt Pale Ale ( I've brewed a couple of batches with it, and it's...
  3. pyrosx

    Possible Infection?

    I hope i'm just being paranoid - but I haven't seen crud around the high tide mark anything like that colour before. It's a hefeweizen, fermented with a 3638 smack pack. I've decided to proceed as normal anyway (kegged, carbonating now) because: - The whole ferment phase went as normal - good...
  4. pyrosx

    AHB Articles: Starters and Splitting Yeast Packs

    This is the discussion topic for article: Starters and Splitting Yeast Packs
  5. pyrosx

    Fwks In Sydney

    Quick question: Does anyone know of any options for buying Fresh Wort Kits in Sydney that come in 20L (ish) NC suitable cubes? I've checked all the sponsors, seems that 15L ones are the go here in Sydney. The freight cost to sydney for interstate 20L FWKs make them a tad expensive for my budget...
  6. pyrosx


    Basic question: can anyone see any huge problems with mashing-in-bag-in-an-esky? Couple of reasons for me thinking about this bastardisation of what would otherwise be a nice clean 1 vessel BIAB technique. - The stock pots I already own aren't 19L - they're only 15-16L.... which i'm glad I...
  7. pyrosx


    So.... I was a cook (not a chef, they get paid), before I was a homebrewer... and there's one thing I haven't seen mentioned on these forums: In the "boil" phase of any good recipe: How intense is that boil? To me with the cooking background, a wort seems very similar to a stock..... and...
  8. pyrosx

    Cyborg Yeast?

    Check this out! "With a slightly weird world first, scientists have formed a feedback loop between common, baking and brewing yeast, and a computer. The computer can trigger the yeast to produce a protein, and the yeast then feeds back to the computer how much of the protein is being produced...
  9. pyrosx

    Aging Co2 Bottle - Advice Please

    Been homebrewing (and lurking) for a while now... and recently made the decision to stop washing bloody bottles and start kegging. So last week, I scored a whole kegging setup from ebay. The fridge, kegs, taps and connections are quite old, but look fine - nothing a good soak, scrub and rinse...