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  1. ryanator

    Filling The Drum

    When topping up your drum with water to 23L (or whatever level you are filling to), do you have the water running as a steady stream, creating little to no bubbles, or do you have it "p*ssing out", creating heaps of froth in the drum and aerating the wort?
  2. ryanator

    Pale Ale - Priming Question

    G'day, My first post here in a LONG time. I put down my first brew in about five years not long ago, currently have it sitting in secondary and will be bottling it next Friday. It is a pale ale and, when it comes to bottling, will be bulk primed. My question is: how many grams of sugar per...
  3. ryanator

    Pale Ale

    Hi everyone! I was once pretty good at the old kit brews but gave it away for about four years due to other commitments. Now I'm ready to drag out the fermenters and have another crack at it. With fear of being a bit rusty, I thought I'd run a recipe by you guys first. I was looking at doing a...
  4. ryanator

    Beer Value Calculator

    Hi all, We created a Beer Value Calculator to help everyone get value for money when frequenting the liquor store in these hard economic times. Once you have put in the required information, you will be provided with three results: 1. Beer Value - The higher the value the better! 2. Alcohol %...
  5. ryanator

    Best Album Purchased This Year 2005

    Hey everyone! I'm a huge fan of music and collect heaps of albums. Just wondering what everyone thinks is their best CD for the year. Mine would have to be "War All The Time" by Thursday. Love having it cranked up while I put down a new brew. Cheers!
  6. ryanator

    The Sad Effects Of Beer

    Take a look at this... Now look at it upside down! :P :beer:
  7. ryanator

    Sand In Bottles?

    Hi everyone, After much re-use of my glass bottles, some appear to have what looks like sand in them. It has a grainy texture and is stuck to the bottom and sides of the bottles. I've tried washing the stuff out but it doesn't wanna budge. Does anyone have any idea of what this is? I'm gonna...
  8. ryanator

    Honey Pot Porter Recipe

    Hi everyone, Here is the recipe for my Honey Pot Porter. It's not a hard brew to make, though it takes heaps of stuffing around. It tastes a lot different to anything else I've ever made. Has a nice honey aroma with a mildly sweet chocolate taste. Don't get me wrong though, it's not much of a...
  9. ryanator

    It's Enough To Make You Cry!

    What is the driver's excuse for this?
  10. ryanator

    Making A Citrus Beer

    Hey everyone, Sometime soon I will be making a citrus brew. To get a nice citrus, bitter taste, I was thinking of using kumquats. These are small fruits with a strong citrus taste which can be eaten whole. They should be ideal to cut in half, boil, and add to secondary. I was just after some...
  11. ryanator

    New English Ale Kit Recipe

    Hey everyone, Posting my first recipe! Havn't done so before as I'm afraid of getting toasted by the more experienced brewers. I'll put on the flame suit just in case! :) Here is the recipe for my New English Ale. People new to brewing might want to try this out as it is simple and makes a...
  12. ryanator

    Just One More Beer

    Gotta love these beer glasses!
  13. ryanator

    No Wonder A Man Drinks

    Have you ever had one of those brews that was nothing but trouble? I recently put in a Choc-Honey Porter and it has been the most frustrating brew ever. Firstly, the yeast just didn't want to start. It was about 4 days before the action started. I had to open the fermenter and give it a stir...
  14. ryanator

    Amsterdam Mariner Lager

    This weekend I've been hammering Amsterdam Mariner Lager. I picked up a carton for $30.00 from Woolworths Liquor. For a $30.00 carton, I reckon it's ace! Has anyone else tried it? If so, what's your opinion on it? Cheers! :beer:
  15. ryanator

    Golf And Law Collide

    I found this to be rather amusing. :) A golfer hooked his tee shot over a hill and onto the next fairway. Walking towards his ball, he notices a man lying on the ground in great pain. The man on the ground says: "I'm a lawyer! This is going to cost you $5000." The concerned golfer replies...
  16. ryanator

    Yeast Durability

    Hi everyone, I recently made up a batch of English Ales and sampled the first one tonight. It tasted pretty flat (not entirely flat, but not really fizzy). I primed it with a sufficient amount of dextrose and let it condition in the bottle for two weeks but didn't get much fizz! Is it possible...
  17. ryanator

    Molasses In Beer

    Hi everyone, I'm thinking of adding some dark brown sugar to a stout or a dark ale. I was just wondering how molasses affect beer taste. Does it give beer a sweeter taste? Cheers.
  18. ryanator

    10 Beers

    An old one but a good one. A man walks into a bar and tells the bartender to line up 10 glasses and start filling them with beer. The bartender starts filling the glasses. As he's filling them, the man is right behind him, knocking the glasses down in a few gulps. The bartender says: "What's...
  19. ryanator

    Free Beer Challenge

    I found this rather amusing. :D A new guy in town walks into a bar and reads a sign hanging over the bar: FREE BEER! Free beer for the person who can pass the test! The guy asks the bartender what the test is. The bartender replies: "First, you have to drink a whole gallon of pepper tequila...
  20. ryanator

    Glass Stress Lines

    Hi everyone, A couple of nights ago after drinking, then washing a couple of bottles of homebrew, I noticed that there appeared to be stress lines on the inside of some of the bottles. They looked like tiny cracks in the glass all running parallel to each other. Does anyone know if bottles can...