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  1. wambesi

    New Grainfather Conical Fermenter

    One of our testing guys has been dumping hops through the yeast dump, but it's going to depend on the amount of course. We also have the longer inlet ideal for hoppier beers, I have yet to use it myself though.
  2. wambesi

    New Grainfather Conical Fermenter

    Thanks for the videos but we also now have the following available:
  3. wambesi

    P.U.B.S Meetings - the next one is...

    Anyone who is keen to come along to our next meeting, it will be tomorrow night (August 29) at John Oxley Reserve, Murrumba Downs. The night will kick-off at 6.30pm for 7pm and we'll be having a Stout & Porter mini-comp. Visitors always welcome, come along and say G'day and bring a beer or two :)
  4. wambesi

    New Grainfather Conical Fermenter

    Hi there, you're right that we don't have it in the instruction manual at the moment but we should have a PDF shortly with the instructions for it and hopefully next print run will see it included :)
  5. wambesi


    Welcome, not at all. Very much alive - we're just not that active on here much.
  6. wambesi

    New Grainfather Conical Fermenter

    Hi all, I thought I'd quickly jump in and post a few photos I took this morning after reading the last two posts. Although I may be bias, I do believe this tap design is quite innovative and personally don't think its tricky - it also comes apart quite well for easy cleaning - there's also a...
  7. wambesi

    FS - Brisbane - Five tap keezer (and a few other things)

    Sorry to those who've messages or replies here I've missed but we were moving house. Anyone still interested - the Keezer is still available. Send me a message if you want a look or any further information. Pickup is now Narangba.
  8. wambesi

    FS - Brisbane - Five tap keezer (and a few other things)

    Good timing, I was about to come on here and say Keezer is still available. As are the two MJ kegs.
  9. wambesi

    FS - Brisbane - Five tap keezer (and a few other things)

    I could (via work freight account), there's only two now though - the MJ ones - one of which is dented. Sorry but you got beaten earlier on, let me know.
  10. wambesi

    FS - Brisbane - Five tap keezer (and a few other things)

    Five Tap Keezer - $300 (pic included) Includes: 216 litre F&P Freezer (about 10 years old) Custom collar pre-drilled for five taps Five SS shanks (from USA) Five JG tails (and the SS tails) - no taps Fridge-mate temp controller Two mounted SS drip trays Fits five cornies no worries Four 19L...
  11. wambesi

    Dedicated Grainfather Guide, Problems and Solutions Thread

    Our current model is the version with the Bluetooth controller and rest assured there are no new models being released for now. Buy! ;)
  12. wambesi

    Grainfather Graincoat

    Thickness has never changed, not sure why they're saying so. At least it hasn't to my knowledge.
  13. wambesi

    Grainfather Graincoat

    Don't be like that mate ;) PM me your details and I'll have the fix to you. We had a batch that got manufactured slightly smaller.
  14. wambesi

    Dedicated Grainfather Guide, Problems and Solutions Thread

    Jump on the GF web site and register your email address on there again, not sure why it would have been removed - or perhaps check the spam folder.
  15. wambesi

    Mini Keg Discussion / Mods / Show Off - Dedicated Thread

    Thought I'd show where my 5L mini-keg has gone. I recently downsized from a five tap keezer to a MJ kegerator but with a four tap font as I wanted to use 9.5L kegs instead of 19L ones (lifting up and over gets to you after a while). I was initially lying one 9.5L on it's side to fit but now...
  16. wambesi

    Mini Keg Bulk Buy MKIV

    I'll happily grab another 5L keg and ball lock lid. No need for taps or anything else.
  17. wambesi

    Mini Keg Bulk Buy MKIII

    I'd be after a full 5L kit (that's the same as the combo in the MKII thread?) if available, if not just a 5L tank as I'll just use the lid I have.
  18. wambesi

    Beer Labels And Logos

    Here's my update post of labels done up since last time, well - some of the better ones anyway. I've started a different design for bottles (as you will notice) and kept the same for the taps (mostly circular designs). Some original artwork from scratch, others grabbed from elsewhere and added...