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  1. MarkBastard

    Where can I get the freshest Chinese hops?

  2. MarkBastard

    Glass shelving and copper rods

    Bit of an obscure question but there's some pretty knowledgeable people here so I thought I'd ask. I'm building some shelving in a niche/alcove thing in my wall. It's almost two metres wide and the shelving only takes up the left half. I have a copper rod I want to use in the middle to support...
  3. MarkBastard

    Different c02 pressures

    Ive been out of the game for a bit. Last I looked cheap dual regs were more abundant and people were also using inline secondary regs to achieve two pressures. Looking for some feedback on the best / cheapest methods. I have a single micromatic at the moment.
  4. MarkBastard

    Need fridge tech advice

    I have a cold room panel style fridge with two AC 240 volt fans at the top that are constantly on and are very loud. Its a very high performing fridge, going from say 30 to 5 degrees in 30-60 minutes. I dont need it to perform lime that. It will have kegs only and they will be cold when they go...
  5. MarkBastard

    Cooling lines in commercial glass door fridges

    I want to buy a 2 door commercial fridge with the compressor at the bottom. It looks like there are a lot of holes in the inside back of the fridge that possibly act as cold air vents. From memory these fridges blow hot exhaust air out the front of the compressor area. Are there cooling lines in...
  6. MarkBastard

    wanted: commercial fridge brisbane

    Im after a decent size commercial fridge second hand. Would ideally fit at least six kegs on the floor with room up top for bottles. Will be drilling through back for taps so cant have external cooling lines. Would accept a large non commercial fridge maybe. Looks dont really matter.
  7. MarkBastard

    Not A Fan Of Cider

    Wondering if anyone else shares the same opinion. Probably not. Bit of a rant coming... Okay, for starters I generally don't like fermented fruit drinks. I like some beers that have fruit in them, but that is as far as I'll go. I love sparkling apple juice, just not fermented apple juice. Dunno...
  8. MarkBastard

    Beer Line Id

    Something I've been thinking about this morning. We all know that you can use smaller ID line to reduce flow and 'balance' a draught system. The longer the line, the more the flow is reduced. We also know that with flow control taps you can use shorter lines but have the taps reduce the flow...
  9. MarkBastard

    Ipa Recipe Help

    I'll be making an American IPA with the following grain bill (20 litres) 4kg Alt Malt (BB) 1.7kg Munich 2 150g Caramunich 2 I have access to the following hops (that suit the style) Willamette Cascade Amarillo Columbus Chinook Citra Simcoe Centenial I know the first five hops very well...
  10. MarkBastard

    Cornie Keg Tool Kit

    I'm getting freaking sick of trying to take off posts for example with wrenches. I would like to put together a tool kit containing all of the tools needed for cornie kegs and maybe kegging setups in general. Does anyone know for example if you can get sockets that fit keg posts and are long...
  11. MarkBastard

    Cheap Regulators

    I'm thinking about buying another regulator so that I can have my 6kg co2 bottle in my garage with a reg permanently attached to it for force carbing etc, and a soda stream bottle in my kegerator with a dedicated regulator as well. I currently own a Micromatic. The kegerator gas will be turned...
  12. MarkBastard

    Post-ferment Beer Mixing

    Does anyone do this? Like say you were going to design a new beer but wanted to be able to try different ratios of ingredients without having to do a whole batch and wait for it to ferment. Now what if you just mash the base malt by itself, and then boil it with the bittering addition of hops...
  13. MarkBastard

    Jaffa Beer (choc + Orange)

    I was thinking about making a beer with chocolate and orange flavours using only malt and hops. I want the chocolate flavours from a stout without the burnt flavours. More like a sweeter brown ale. For the orange I was thinking Amarillo. Any other hops give off orange? Wanted to make it at...
  14. MarkBastard

    36l Water Cooler For Mash And Party-keg

    Gday all. I'm a BIAB brewer that is seriously considering going 2V or 3V. I'm thinking of getting a 36L Water Cooler from BCF ( to use as a mash tun but also able to convert into...
  15. MarkBastard

    Good Places To Drink In Brisbane

    I'm hoping this thread can be an up to date list of good places to drink in Brisbane. Good means good range of beer etc. I'll get it started. Archive Beer Boutique (West End) Around 14 taps of craft beer from Australia and the world. Good bottle shop as...
  16. MarkBastard

    What's Been Happening On Ahb?

    Say you had to sum up this whole year so far on AHB in point form, what's been happening?
  17. MarkBastard

    Anyone Thought About Using A Conical For Biab?

    Anyone thought about using an SS conical fermenter as a boiler, and using the tap at the bottom to extract boil trub in the same way you'd use it to extract yeast mid-fermentation? I'm thinking because it can hold pressure you'd be able to do a BIAB in it, then at the end seal it off and...
  18. MarkBastard

    Merry Christmas Everyone

    Today is my last day of 'work' for the year so I may not be around as much for the next few weeks. Just wanted to say merry christmas and cheers to everyone that's helped me out over the year. Still getting heaps of good advice from this place and making each recipe better than the last...
  19. MarkBastard

    Old Australian Beers are selling some recreations of some old beer posters. I was really surprised to see in particular Tooheys Oatmeal Stout! Do any of you old farts remember beers like this and were they any good? Was there a time in history...
  20. MarkBastard

    Anyone Want A Free Couch?

    I have a couch that the missus has said to get rid of. It's a three seater dark brown leather couch. The leather is pealing off really badly but the couch itself is in great condition as in the frame and foam. It's still heaps comfortable to sit on. It's only about 5 years old. It'd be perfect...