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    WTB BNE jockey box

    Hi all, I'm looking for a jockey / miracle box in Brisbane. Only need a single tap but will consider multiples. Don't need a complete unit, I have an Esky I can sacrifice. Coil / block, connectors and taps are required.
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    Braumeister pump plumbing modifications

    Hi Team, I've just had a second pump failure for my 20l Braumeister. I expect water ingress, totally my fault. Instead of buying another OEM pump I am thinking of re-routing the existing plumbing and using a regular unit, somewhat external to the unit. Has anybody here done this and do you...
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    Large Mytton Grosvenor kegs

    Mate of mine acquired these two kegs, and before I think too much about cutting them up and re-purposing one of them I thought to ask here to see if I was about to destroy something of value. Never seen them before, so am ignorant of their history - happy to be educated. IMG_20190506_184114 by...
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    For Sale BNE - 4 SS Brewtech Brew Buckets and 2 fridges

    Due to an upgrade I am selling my 4 SS Brewtech Brewbuckets (3 with thermowells, 1 without) and a fridge and a freezer. I'd like $100 for the 7 gal brewbucket that does not have a thermowell. One of the others has a air leak due to a fall, lid has a crease. I found it did not impact the beer...
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    What Brisbane Breweries offer Gypsy Brewing

    I have a work colleague who is getting married and she might want 6 x 50L kegs of beer for her wedding, which I have offered to do for her. Does anybody know or can recommend a brewery in Brisbane that I can brew out of to do 6 different kegs of beer that can accommodate all-grain, stepped mash...
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    AHA glasses

    Who else collects AHA glasses? I've only got a couple but whenever I see one it makes me smile. My mates know I like them and will often pop into a regional Op Shop to see what is on the shelves. One recently came back from Maryborough with 3 x 15 ounce stamped glasses of various shapes, one...
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    Re-arranged the Brewhouse this morning

    The stars aligned this weekend. Had 3 beers finish fermenting the same week so have them all kegged which means all but one of my fridges were empty. Add a wet weekend, and not brewing due to the amount of kegs on the go meant I got a chance to move stuff around and have a general clean up...
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    Exploring craft brewery lagers - what are they doing differently?

    Recently got a bit too hopped out and started to look at Lagers. Back in the day I was a XXXX bitter fan, occassionally a Toohey's red or blue drinker, and rarely a VB drinker. I recently have tasted Newstead's and Akasha's lagers and found them to be excellent. My few attempts a home brewing...
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    Devastated - fermenter leapt out of the fridge and split its guts everywhere

    Had a Bell's two hearted ale clone crash chilling to be kegged on Saturday. Came home today to find it all over the floor. Seems the shelf in fridge failed... Gutted. Just needed to vent to a group that might understand.
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    WTB - Braumeister pump - Brisbane

    Anyone have a spare working Braumeister pump laying about? Mines stopped pumping and I thought I'd check here before paying retail. Cheers, Patrick
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    Free pickup Brisbane - Fridge / Freezer - Fridge not working

    Hi All, The fridge compartment of my Fisher & Paykel upside down fridge freezer has stopped working and so is no use to me as a fermenting fridge. Maybe someone else in Brisbane can use it for just the freezer? I am in Ashgrove. Front is painted with chalk-board paint so you can write notes...
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    6 or more Growler caps - 38mm Poly Seal Caps

    Hi All, I am after 6 or more growler caps, the black 38mm poly seal caps - not the metal ones. Anyone got some in Brisbane, or happy to post?
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    If I filter do I need to cold crash?

    Just looking to streamline my brewing. I currently cold crash and then filter into a keg. Can I skip the cold crash? I expect the filter might clog more but that's ok. If I can remove 3 days of cc'ing from my brew cycle I can brew more often. Thoughts?
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    Crash Chill CO2 method

    After having the second last beer I kegged suck up about 350 mls of festy blow off water when crash chilling, I decided to have a think about how I can crash chill without oxygen or shitty blow off water contamination. So I present the 'Gas Bag' A freezer bag threaded through the silicon...
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    Fermenting staged batches in a cool room - real world experiences pls

    Hi all, Current setup is a fermentation chamber per brew as I generally have 3 on the go. I may have the option to use my brother inlaws coolroom and ramping up the volumes of my brews. As an alternative to individual temp control, can anyone give some real world experience with putting 3 or 4...
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    Gladfield malts PPG and °L values

    Just in case this has not been previously posted, Gabi from Gladfields sent me the following information about Gladfield malts PPG and L values - which seeing as I use BrewersFriend meant I could add them as custom malts and get good values out of my recipes. ---From Gabi--- PPG numbers for our...
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    Is my regulator stuffed?

    First time kegging with this setup so I accept its probably user error,,, But when i turn the gas on through my Keg King III dual gauge regulator the gas goes unregulated through to the keg at tank pressure even with the screw in tap completely removed. I tried to disassemble but don't have...
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    Fixing up Fusel Alcohol in the fermenter

    I think I got some bad advice and pitched the last three brews around 28-30 degrees centigrade prior to putting in the fridge to ferment at 18 degrees. Doing AG BIAB IPAs with a SG of around 1.067 ish each, and one week apart. The first one with BRY-97 and two and three with US-05. So they all...
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    Newbie from Brisbane - 10 brews in

    Hello all, Have just started homebrewing with a mate this year. We are doing very small batches (6 litre tap-a-draft kegs) every week using the all grain BIAB method. 10 batches in and things need a little tweaking. One thing I am finding hard to get information on is temperature schedules for...