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  1. Cube

    Gold Coast fridgie wanted: Kegerator not chilling my shit!

    Well, my store bought kegerator has stopped chilling. It still makes all the normal sounds however just room temps inside. Any Gold Coast fridgies want to take a look? I'm in Runaway Bay. Of course I will pay for your timer etc in actual real money, not an offer of warm frothy beer :) PM if...
  2. Cube

    Broo buys Mildura Brewery

    Haven't seen it in a search or new posts so this is what I got today via email: =========== Broo Ltd (ASX: BEE) (the Company) is pleased to announce that it will acquire, through its wholly owned subsidiaries, the Iconic Mildura Brewery located in Mildura, Victoria. The Mildura Brewery...
  3. Cube

    Ball lock Keg/s Gold Coast

    Hi I bought this ages ago but never got around to using it. The guy who had it before me called it a 'settling keg'. He had basically shortened the end of the pickup tube by a little bit, and painted it gold. Dumb ass. Never mind, I got a new pickup tube off Ross and never fitted it lol...
  4. Cube

    FS: D type keg coupler - New

    Hi I have a D type Keg Coupler, brand new never used so should be going to a good home as I never used or can see me using it. I do not know the brand but it came with my kegerator. I'm pretty sure it's the same as the Keg King ones. I think $35.00 is about right. Postage maybe $5.00 or...
  5. Cube

    BUY: Ball lock kegs Brisbane or Gold Coast early Jan

    I'm working with a mates girlfriend in buying a Kegerator set up for his birthday. The kegerator is on order so now I'm left with organising kegs. Any out there in either Brisbane or Gold Coast? (excluding retail for now) Will have to be ball lock. I can reco them if necessary. Cheers.
  6. Cube

    Keg line/tap cleaner DIY

    I know this has been posted before some time ago however I thought I'd post to maybe referesh someones motivation that thought good idea but stuck it into the 'to hard basket'. Hell I neally did after running all around town trying to find adapters to fit the keg out post onto the oddball...
  7. Cube

    Bigger Better Faster Stronger

    For those not seen these clowns in NZ, it's a great TV to sit back with a few beers. I've seen most on SBS catchup ipad and did enjoy them for what they are. Two on today and thank me later! : SBS HD, 5:00pm, Sun, 14 Jul 2013, 30 minutes REPEAT FAVOURITE James Coleman and Greg Page showcase...
  8. Cube

    Wanted pin lock beer out post

    I can get these online however I will ask here before committing to a purchase. I'm after just a pinlock beer out keg post. Second hand is all good. Doesn't even need a poppet in it as it will be only used for beer line cleaning attached to a pressure vessel with a trigger. Cheers.
  9. Cube

    My beer shop filter setup

    Selling this as I CC and polyclar now. $20 + $15 postage. Filter is one or two brews old. Was an absolute filter from memory. One of the little seals has some sort of crease in it however placed on the bottom of the filter housing it is not an issue. Comes with wrench not in photo.
  10. Cube

    Likely to get smacked for this question..... lager yeasts.

    I now have a STC 1000 and doing lagers. Due to current time constraints I am stuck to kits and bits for the short term. I purchased a bunch of Coopers master brewer cans with the free delivery offer recently and the yeast is lager I know in the pilsner and lager cans in this selection...
  11. Cube

    3.5kg fire extinguisher converted and full $150.00?

    Just after an idea if this is a good buy? It is from a fire extinguisher place and he converts these to home brew use and of course fills them, tests them and certs them on the gold coast :)
  12. Cube

    Powder Fire Extinguiser Ok To Fill With Gas?

    I can get a powdered fire extinguisher for cheap, full and certed. Can this be emptied for beer usage and fulled with gas? It would be done professionally however to not look a muggins at the shop I thought I'd ask here first:) Cheers.
  13. Cube

    Bodeer Check Valves

    Hi all. just got some ebay Bodeer quick disconnect type check valves for the reg. They came with brass barbs and two blue plastic clips that look far to feeble to act as a clamp so I gather it's got something to do with sliding under the end ring that pulls part out to allow for installing or...
  14. Cube

    Lesson To All Who Can't Think Of Every Danger...

    Well interesting lesson I had this morning. Come down stairs from a shower and smell beer. You know the smell of beer in a shitty kept local pub with wet bar mats etc. I immediately knew something was wrong with kegerator. Wifey says there is a beer smell now and our 15 month old was...
  15. Cube

    Fs: Kelvinator 143 L Bar Fridge

    I have my bar fridge for sale now as well. I used it for CC'ing the bunnings 20L water containers and the blue willow ones. It also fits the bunnings fermenters with the door shelving off. Has a freezer in it for hops etc. I CC in my kegerator now so don't need it. Offers of $90.00 or above...
  16. Cube

    Fs: Near New Whirlpool 245l Stainless Fridge/freezer

    Hey I'm selling my near new fridge freezer. I got it as a replacement for a fridge that was faulty. By the time is was all sorted out I had to buy a fridge freezer in the meantime. This is the newer and current version. All details and pics below. I recieved it on the 4th june 2011 and it...
  17. Cube

    Polyclar - Where To Buy

    Wondering if any homebrew shops on the gold coast sell polyclar? I've been to the one in oxenford with no luck. I can get it from the sponsors but you know, 12 bucks shipping for 9 bucks purchase..... Cheers!!
  18. Cube

    Wanted - Pin Lock Keg

    Hi all. I need a third keg in a few weeks and wondering if any gold coasters have one for sale? Must be pin lock because that is my setup. Reply or private msg me. Not concerned if it needs new seals or lids etc as long as the dip tubes are there and has the pin locks themselves. I have...
  19. Cube

    Clarification On A Few Keg Q's

    Just gone to kegs and after scouring here and other places I want to ask the following questions and hope for some simple answers:) 1. I cleaned out my newly acquired kegs with nappy san then a sterilise with no rinse bleach solution for 5 mins contact. At no rinse level and 5 minute contact...
  20. Cube

    Best Kegs For The Kegerator

    Hi. Just bought a kegerator from pinnacle. What kegs, ball or pin lock, are best?. I can get some ball lock kegs but with 'type 2' lids ie: no pressure relieve valve in the lid but a 100psi blow off valve instead built in. Am I better off searching for ones with a pull type reliefe vale for...