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  1. ozdevil

    BOEL ITAP Counter pressure bottle filler

    Hey guys if you have set up a Boel Itap how have you done yours I want mine to be portable i'm thinking of buying a old bottlecapper and mounting of that and are they good
  2. ozdevil

    Bravo or Magnum

    My question is would magnum hops be a good substitute for Bravo hops I have magnum hops in my freezer and i am not wanting to make a single purchase just on bravo hops as postage not worth it. I'm stepping down from an A.G brew and i havent put this recipe in brewfather or beersmith but...
  3. ozdevil

    Whats your biggest regret in giving up a piece of brewing gear and you wish you kept

    Hey All i often see onbuy swap and sell pages people saying selling this becuase i am going to do this method how often do you regret doing it and why ya wished you kept it for me i gave up brewing for awhile so sold all the gear except my bottle capper for some reason and bottle tree wish i...
  4. ozdevil

    Co2 disaster

    gday all Well the mrs who dont like beer or lets say alcahol said why dont ya get 2 bottles just incase of course i didnt listen and had to happen over xmas i'm not fussed to much as there would only be 1/2 a keg remaining but wont be able to get co2 till wednesday at the moment i am using...
  5. ozdevil

    kegland ro filter thingy me job

    is it really worth getting a ro filter and how well does it work clearing chloromine and chloride from it i get the system takes age to produce clen water but is it worth it
  6. ozdevil

    my fermentation with the 1st use of a tilt hydrometer

    hey all, I'm a little concerned about my xpa clone this was the 1st time using the tilt and i should have mucked around to understand it a bit more then messing with it during the fermentation my beer started at 1.062 in the fermzilla on Sunday which was captured on my phone and i thought i...
  7. ozdevil

    5l mini keg question

    ok all you smarty brewers I recieved a 5l ikegger 5l choad through the week and i am very eagerly waiting to fill it with something to show off at the local golf course. transporting a 6kg gas bottle or even a10kg bottle of co2 is not a problem at the moment as in stage 3 in victoria its 1...
  8. ozdevil

    counter pressure bottle filler from keg-king

    Hey all Just recieve a counter pressure filler from Keg king i just hand an empy bottle sitting next to my computer So placed it on the 330ml bottle and i noticed about an inch and 1/2 space between the bottom of bottle and the bottom of the filler stem. my thoughts on this, is this will...
  9. ozdevil


    Hey All I am thinking of getting a kegerator very very soon not that the wife knows about anyway.. she might just kill me now i am planning on just the kegerator with out the fonts an taps i am going to buy these seperately as i dont mind using a pluto gun for the time being... however i am...
  10. ozdevil

    If you gave up brewing a few years back and what made you get back into it

    Gday All Someone posted recently or many have said the HB shops etc has taken off due to Covid 19 and there will be selling gear on gumtree or where ever. got me thinking about what got myself back into I had basicly given up homebrewing around 2009/10 and just didnt have time with working...
  11. ozdevil

    Smithwicks Ale

    Gday All Not sure wether this is the right board for this, as i havent been on this site for a few years now for 1 reason or another. however i am having trouble finding this beer its an Smithwicks ale brewed in ireland i am just wondering if you gents or ladies have come across this and...
  12. ozdevil


    There is a dangerous virus being passed electronically, orally and by hand. This virus is called Worm-Overload-Recreational-Killer (WORK). If you receive WORK from any of your colleagues, your boss or anyone else via any means DO NOT TOUCH IT. This virus will wipe out your private life...
  13. ozdevil

    Happynew Year All :)

    Gday All Would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and hope that everyone is in for a terrific brewing year for 2005... Tonight i am celbrating the new year at my sisters place in cold Tasmania overlooking the Derwent River.... Next week i am heading to Cascade Brewery in South Hobart for...
  14. ozdevil

    Avg Anti Virus

    Gday All Anyone using Avg 6.0788 etc will will no longer be available as of the 31st dec nor will you be able to update your avg anti virus if you try to continue using the free avg 6.0788 but there is good news thou that they have just released an all new free addition of the software here...
  15. ozdevil

    Wuerttemberger Hops

    Gday All Has anyone heard and have got much info on these particualr hops? All i know is is that it was a german hop... and is related to the tettnanger and saazer hops The reason i ask this as i am currently growing it and just want to know basically what style of beers this hop could be...
  16. ozdevil

    My Sad Loss

    Today being Saturday the 31st of july has been a very hard day in my life "the buriel of my grandmother who died on Thursday the 29th of July 2004.... Which meant on friday i had to leave for tassie (opening of trout season and cant go fishing) I had to do alot of things today that i have...
  17. ozdevil

    OK, You're Here And You Brew, What Else Do You Do?

    Gday All Maybe if by listing what we actually do for a job might be able to help us all to help each other for few cost savings on anything wether it be brewing or being able to supply music to a beer party... I am currently a CNC Machinist working Monday to Friday 8hours and currently...
  18. ozdevil

    Ozdevils First Partial Mash

    Gday All Well the time has come for me to advance to the next level of brewing... Tommorow i am planning to do my first Partial mash... i am going to be just doing an irish red ale grumpys irish red ale master brew 1kg pale malt 60 grams of Tassie Goldings ( flowers) 25 grams " "...
  19. ozdevil

    New Virus Doing The Rounds

    There is a new virus - code name "Work". If you receive "work" from your colleagues or your boss, via e-mail, 'phone or anywhere else, do not touch "work" under any circumstances. This virus wipes out your private life completely. If you should happen to come into contact with this virus, follow...
  20. ozdevil

    Becareful Of Women

    Police are warning all men who frequent clubs, parties and local pubs to be alert and stay cautious when offered a drink from any woman. Many females use a date rape drug on the market called "Beer". The drug is found in liquid form and available anywhere. It comes in bottles, cans, from...