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    Feeling electricity through hands when using Guten

    Do not use the unit, it is faulty and could kill you. Keg King should send you a new unit and arrange for the faulty one to be sent back to them or destroyed.
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    Wand kept blocking.

    Actually I think that I have seen someone on YouTube put a hop bag in a keg then rack down the hatch and then carefully removed the bag. It might have been gash slug or Craig from craigtube
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    Wand kept blocking.

    I'm not sure if it is best practice but would lining the bottling bucket with a grain bag be worthwhile. The bag would probably need to be removed prior to racking but it should take all the hop matter with it.
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    Back for another crack at it!!

    Welcome, +1 temp control. Yeast selection is also going to improve the beer.
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    Wand kept blocking.

    You can try using a hop bag /ball
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    New to kegging - please help

    Pluto guns can be tricky to use but when you get the knack they are pretty good. What serving pressure are you using? There's a possibility that your beer may be over carbonated
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    New to kegging - please help

    If you are using 5mm ID your line should be at least 3m
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    Going to try a fwk - All In Brewing Consequences Pale Lager

    I have Casey's ESB in the fermentor right now. Started on Saturday @18° with old faithful uso5. Bought the temperature up to 21° today. Will keg her up early next week and put his Amarillo ale on. I have done that one before and it was amazing! Going to dry hop with a little extra Amarillo this...
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    Tried And Proven Low Carb Lager.

    Definitely lose body and mouthfeel. Probably lose flavour too. I'm also looking at using dry enzymes too
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    What have you dropped into the Fermenter?

    Someone should print a t-shirt
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    Weak (if any) fermentation

    Have you got a hydrometer?
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    Senior airlock

    They are a good airlock. Never had it blow apart like the two piece one did that one time bry-97 came to town. I don't use any of the old classic style airlocks I have. I find most of them are poorly manufactured because of the excessive flashing and the parting line shows that they can't even...
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    TassieTrucker Sayin' G'Day

    Recently did that one with 1kg ldme @ 18° 4 days and 21° 6 days with a danstar ale yeast. Dry hopped in the keg with a little simcoe. Come up pretty nice for a k&k :)
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    What have you dropped into the Fermenter?

    It's been done a few times all claiming to be the first lol
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    How to put finings or hops into fermenter

    I generally don't add hops to the fermentor and I am not a fan of opening the fermentor or taking samples during fermentation. Not saying that there is anything wrong with those actions it's just what I do. I do like to dry hop in the using hop balls. I just put the dose of hops in the ball...
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    Kit/Extract SMASH

    I once did a SMASH with pilsner malt and saaz, pitched a farmhouse yeast and still have fond memories of that beer. I am curious as the make up of dme and ldme now
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    Weak (if any) fermentation

    Probably fine mate don't worry
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    How to put finings or hops into fermenter

    I have seen people do it with the fermentasaurus on the YouTube
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    How to put finings or hops into fermenter

    Not sure about the finnings never used them except my first brew. But with the hops bags and magnets might be an option. Just stick them to the top of the tank at the beginning and when it's time for dry hops remove the magnet to drop the hops in to the beer or slide them in