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  1. Newbee(r)

    Yeast Anyone?

    I couldn't help but laugh when I got this in the mail (thanks Ross!). I didn't expect there to be 2 litre overflow beyond the five litres for this flask.... Lucky I have some plus size stir bars on hand. I suspect I will have more yeast stored than I know what to do with shortly! Must...
  2. Newbee(r)

    Biab - Maximum Grain Bill For A 40l Urn?

    I have been starting to brew some higher gravity beers recently, (7% +) using biab, and was keen to know if I reduce the water volume (usually 34L starting, resulting in 22L at 6% with trub remaining in the urn) and instead go for 15-18L final volume can I increase the grain bill to hit the...
  3. Newbee(r)

    Best Heating Source For St-1000 Controlled Fridge

    Starting the build on the temp controller box today, which will have dual heating and cooling control after a trip out to jaycar for parts and thanks to wife's stc-1000 xmas gift :icon_cheers: . Just wanted some advice on best heating source for the fridge. There seem to be a range of...
  4. Newbee(r)

    Getting Into Home Wine Making - Equipment And Contacts

    Well, the hops are growing, the apples and perry pears are in - and there's 6m x 12m of space with good sun out the front for some vines. Looking at planting some riesling vines as they do really well in Canberra - I can probably get 12 or so established vines in this space and around 50kg...
  5. Newbee(r)

    Saison Recipes

    Looking to diversify from the english and american ales and IPAs of late, and keen to get some suggestions on tried and tested saison recipes to brew a batch on the weekend. Cheers J
  6. Newbee(r)

    Can High Ibus Affect Fg?

    Bottling this one tonight. FG is sitting consistently on 1.018. Fermented nicely, bubbled away for 2 weeks, cold chilled for the last week. I was wondering if high hop and or high IBUs can affect the target FG, and if so, is there any way of calculating? Or does BrewMate already do this and I...
  7. Newbee(r)

    Hop Additions And Chilling Times

    After having made a few attempts at AIPAs recently, I am finding that the hop profile going in is getting good IBUs in brewmate (last one was 70 IBUs) but are not delivering, at least to my palate, the bitterness and intensity of flavour I have been chasing. All the hops are 2010 or 11 and only...
  8. Newbee(r)

    Brewing Fresh Perry

    We have just added to the orchard a Perry pear tree, a Moorcroft as my wife is now hooked on the stuff. I have been doing some googling and am struggling to find some consistent advice on how to make a decent batch. Lots of experiments but little follow up on outcomes etc. Keen on...
  9. Newbee(r)

    Favourite Base Pale Malt

    I have about 5kg of Marris Otter left so after the next batch I will be looking to buy another 25kg bag. Keen to get peoples views on preferred base pale malts. Marris has a great smell, intense malt biscuit flavour that mellows with conditioning, and seems to cover most of my favourite...
  10. Newbee(r)

    Lagering To Overcome Stuck Co2?

    I have an american pale ale that has refused to budge below 1.018 for 2 weeks. Have done all the sensible things advised on this site in other threads, gentle shakes of the fermenter to suspend the yeast, warmer room, repitched, prayed to relevant deities, rejected said deities etc. Visual...
  11. Newbee(r)

    Conditioning Scotch Ale

    Morning. Wanted some advice on brewing and conditioning scotch ale. Using dried malt extract at fermenter to bump to the right OG as I BIAB in 40L. The classic beer styles scotch ale book recommends scotch ales be cold conditioned for a couple of months. Just wondering whether I should be...
  12. Newbee(r)

    Skullcrusher Ale Recipe?

    I picked up a bottle of skullcrusher ale last weekend. Full of flavour, the alcohol fitted nicely in the background which was suprising given it sits at about 10%. Any suggestions for a clone or similar beer recipe? Jake